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Born into the large, seminomadic Naartoq tribe of the Qiku nation, Naar-Esqa chose the path of the shaman after his first hunt. His affinity for the land and command of powerful spiritual magic led him to become the tribe's shaman leader at a relatively young age. But it was Naar-Esqa's uncommon wisdom and foresight that led to his destiny as Qiku Sky Teller.

Along with emerging leaders from other tribes, Naar-Esqa has been instrumental in maintaining the current peace among the shifter nations. He established a system of regular communication, dispatching pipers and lorekeepers to constantly circulate in Qiku, Saartuk, and Chuniigi territories, settling local disputes before they worsened.

Naar-Esqa was elected to his current post at the last Summit of Nations, joining representatives from the other two nations in an unofficial triumvirate leadership. Since then, he has been able to rally the tribes to common causes. The Qiku Sky Teller has dispatched scouts and rangers to investigate the threat of the Kalaak barbarians, and has met with other Tashana groups to assess the situation, including the half-giant Icebinders and human barbarian tribes. In the south, Naar-Esqa fears open warfare with the Riedrans should Qiku involvement with the Akiak progress, and he has forbidden shifter warriors from directly participating in the conflict.

Naar-Esqa has no permanent residence and tends to travel constantly and secretly—either alone or with a small retinue. He relies on his network of scouts, runners, and pipers to keep him informed. In person, Naar-Esqa is remarkably reserved and diplomatic, while projecting at all times a steely resolve. Tufts of silvery hair cover his wiry, muscular frame. He is always interested in forging new alliances, with the good of the Tashana shifter nations foremost in his mind.

A vast expanse of psychic space surrounds il-Lashtavar, home to millions of mortal dreams. The islands in the Ocean of Dreams range from the complex dreamscapes of sentient creatures, humans and dragons alike, to the simple dream of a dog that’s imagining chasing a ball. From the outside, these islands appear as glittering bubbles, each with an image of its dreamer within it. They’re loosely arranged based on the physical location of the dreamer, so there’s a stretch of the ocean that contains dreamers near Breland, another for Thrane, and so on— including regions for any dreamers currently on other planes.

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