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Campaign description

The World of Eberron, adapted from the canon material and progressed by my campaigns. This campaign also features the Dragon Tactics system, a (heavily) homebrew variant of 4th Edition D&D.

Setting Summary

After a century of war, the nations of Khorvaire agreed to the Treaty of Thronehold. However, this treaty was not signed out of genuine understanding, but fear of the unknown cause of The Day of Mourning. The mortal cold war is compounded by a number of ancient and otherworldly forces competing in grander schemes involving the continents of Xen'drik, Sarlona, and Argonnessen.

The people of Khorvaire treat arcane magic as a science, and have used it to elevate their standard of living. The Dragonmarked Houses have dominated the industry of Khorvaire, and now risk upending the feudal econoomy. 

Eberron subverts and recasts many classical fantasy tropes. Elves are dark-skinned and obsessed with death. Halflings are a dinosaur-riding nomadic people. Alignment falls into shades of gray, reflecting a person's decisions rather than a destiny marked for them by meddling gods.

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System Summary

The Dragon Tactics system seeks to incorporate important lessons learned from 5th edition, such as making every character-building choice matter, while preserving the deep and tactical combat of 4th edition. Furthermore, the system goes beyond either to dramatically expand out of combat options with Skills, Competencies, and Downtime.

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