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History states that the ir’Lantars are old blood in Fairhaven, but few accounts of how the family rose to count among the nobility are told. They descend from a noble knight, Kael Lantar, who rose up after the fall of the lord he served. That lord is largely forgotten, the infamy of his deeds making him unworthy of remembrance. Since then, though, the ir’Lantars have ever ascended on “noble” deeds until they sat just to the right of the royal throne.

Everything the family has gained, from the dark root of Kael Lantar, is due to its ties to the Lords of Dust. The thick veneer of nobility and civil service hides a rotten core. Each and every member, servants included, is cruel and calculating at heart, but careful in deed.

Created by Joseph Meehan 2 years ago. Last modified by Joseph Meehan 11 months ago

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