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The World of Eberron, adapted from the canon material and progressed by my campaigns. Also includes the rules for my homebrew system "Dragon Tactics", which is a heavily modified version of D&D 4e.

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Aerenal is the home of the elves after their flight from Xen'drik. Obsessed with avoiding and postponing death, the Aereni elves formed the Undying Court. Notable and noble elves are selected to become deathless, a process similar to mummification that relies on the many manifest zones to Irian on the island. Bound by tradition, the elves of Aerenal are insular and distrusting of outsiders.

Elven Accuracy

You call upon the legendary accuracy of the elves

Racial Power


Action: Free Interrupt (Trigger: You make an attack roll and don't like the result)
Recharge: Short Rest
Range: Personal

Effect: Reroll the attack roll, using the second result even if it's lower.

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Aereni Elf
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The Defenders Guild is a mercenary branch of House Deneith. It consists of veterans of the Blademarks Guild, most of whom have at least one year of successful service behind them. The Defenders Guild contains a far greater percentage of dragonmarked heirs than either the Blademarks or the Sentinel Marshals. Its members are well respected within the house, and considered to be a vital part of Deneith’s mission to defend Khorvaire.

The daily cost of hiring a Deneith bodyguard depends on the dragonmark the character possesses.