Murephan is an enigma. Born as the result of some heinous crime against the Inspired, and once one of the Chosen of Riedra, he is a permanent amalgam of quori spirit and human flesh. He came to Adar long ago—even he doesn't know how long—without memories or possessions. He expected to die. But the kalashtar of Malshashar slowly influenced Murephan even as they imprisoned him, and his suppressed hatred for the Inspired resurfaced. He began to work for the Summit Road and now spends much of his time in Syrkarn, helping others out of situations all too familiar to him. The ranger turned psion has proven his loyalty and ability time and again, but his race keeps him eternally an outsider. Only in the city-hive Zi'til'natek does he find any true company.

Murephan is hard-nosed, and he speaks unkind truths more often than he should, but he is fair-minded overall. His gruffness is perfect for testing others' patience, which means it can be an asset in the risky business he's in. The elan is less likely to carry out threats of abandoning those he aids than he seems. He is, however, a merciless killer of Riedrans, and he's likely to give anyone who attacks him a good thrashing. His closest friend is the dromite Kelki, who doubles as Murephan's soft side.

Embers is the center of the Thrane presence in Stormreach. Its residents keep to themselves for the most part, united by their faith and by a desire to make their home a refuge from the wildness in so much of the city. Even the Thrane dissidents here retain much of their national pride and dedicate themselves to the neighborhood’s welfare. If anyone tries to cause trouble in the ward, the Knights of Thrane, led by Valen Vanatar, do not stand for it.