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Though he has not yet been awarded a professorship (he carries the title of Lecturer), Ghash Duurkat is something of a popular sensation at Morgrave. A hobgoblin who wears traditional battle armor to every class, Duurkat is a boistrous lecturer, but behind the theatrics is a solid knowledge of Dhakaani history that rivals that of Professor Vieran. It is possible that more rumors spread around the university every year concerning the exploits of Ghash Duurkat than about any other member of the Morgrave community.

The holdfast of Clan Soldorak, Solangap boasts vast gold mines and the largest mint and treasury in Khorvaire. Clan Soldorak has recovered many daelkyr tools and weapons from the Realm Below. Solan lords proudly wear symbionts and make no effort to hide their warlock pacts.

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