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Many years after Ragnarok, the world ticks on.

The great conflict that erupted between every pantheon known to all Kith ended with the destruction of all involved. Celestial races were torn asunder, despoiled, or exiled. The great planes of existence have seemingly withdrawn their touches, with none having been visited since the gods fell. Artefacts of great power seemingly disappeared or went silent. A great many kith died, leaving the world a shadow of itself, its population depleted and many races completely wiped out.

Humans, the most divided of the races before Ragnarok, came together under the banner of a new Senate, one which promised to end the chaos left in the wake of the gods. Armed with powerful magic, brilliant tactics and an alloy of their own making, Ebonsteel, the Legions of Ahrim marched across almost the entire known world, bringing the Empire’s law to all, enforcing its will and mercy.

 The Ahrimic Empire thrived, and knew only one true rival: The mighty kingdom of the Orcs, ruled by their legendary God-King, a dragon riding warrior-poet who it is whispered felled the last of the true divine. The Orcs made a pact with the Fey Gods during Ragnarok – An elven tribe would join the King’s fledgling barony as his vassals in return for the Orcs assistance against the demonic armies scourging Elven homelands. To this day the Orcs continue their fight; their kingdom borders the demonic jungles of the east, and every Orc warrior is trained to hunt the creatures ruthlessly. As for their elven vassals, they were long ago assimilated – Now their ancestors are the dreaded Voldur, fey-blooded Orc Horselords.

Ahrim fell during the great cataclysm, roughly 100 years before the present date. The empire seen Necromancist separatists in the South, Voldur invasion to the East, a great magical curse to the North and a demonic uprising in the West. The last Emperor was slain by his own advisors, and the empire crumbled as dozens of fresh-born nations carved out their own slices of the world.

In the years since, stability has been rare. The Golden plains, once the beating heart of the empire, plays hosts to dozens of city states, theocracies, kingdoms, magocracies, tribes and trade republics. The Primor Sea, the inner ocean of the West and should of the empire’s trade, has become the home of several new would-be empires each vying for control of the slave markets, mineral wealth and rare spices of the region. The frozen South is the plaything of squabbling lords of the undead, the scorched wastes of the north are a never-ending war amongst its clans and knightly orders and much of the East has went silent. Certain islands and landmasses have been cut-off altogether, as mainland trade dried up.

There is opportunity to be found, of course. Ahrim left many riches, the land is recovering and civilisation is gaining momentum. Cathair na trádála mór, once the trade jewel of Ahrim and home of the Halflings, is finding its hard fought independence to be both dangerous and profitable. Its island, Halvast, is becoming the center of a great many things...