Dashboard Atheoi

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Many years after Ragnarok, the world ticks on. The great conflict that erupted between every pantheon known to all Kith ended with the destruction of all involved. Celestial races were torn asunder, despoiled, or exiled. The great planes of existence have seemingly withdrawn their touches, with none having been visited since the gods fell. Artefacts of great power seemingly disappeared or went silent. A great many kith died, leaving the world a shadow of itself, its population depleted and many races completely wiped out. Humans, the most divided of the races before Ragnarok, came together under the banner of a new Senate, one which promised to end the chaos left in the wake of the gods. Armed with powerful magic, brilliant tactics and an alloy of their own making, Ebonsteel, the Legions of Ahrim marched across almost the entire known world, bringing the Empire’s law to all, enforcing its will and mercy.  The Ahrimic Empire thrived, and knew only one true ri ...