Dashboard Revenge of the Deathless

Roadmap June 2019

Entity File & Entity Note permissions, Quest roles and nested view improvements.
Rea, a death knight who was once defeated by the party, seeks his revenge. He hires a party to act as his agents in his search for immortality. Legends state that within the cavernous catacombs long forgotten beneath Sundabar, lies a wishing well. Rea quietly inserts his agents into various positions in the city in order to act as a base of operations for his future plans in the area. A year has passed since their arrival to the city, and they live like royalty. One is the new prince of crime, one an advisor to the highest houses within the city. Two are acting as inquisitors, working outwardly against each other, inciting religious strife. The city is under siege by monsters controlled by a mage, and all are aided by a skilled rogue.  Their plans are interrupted by the unexpected arrival of the PC’s. Rea, seeing the opportunity for revenge, departs for the Heroes island near water deep to wreak havoc. The heroes are bombarded with pleas for help in a thousand problems pl ...