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Molag Bal, Daedric Prince of Domination and Brutality, has built Dark Anchors in every part of Tamriel and intends to merge Nirn with his realm of Coldharbour.   Inspired by The Elder Scrolls Franchise. From the creator of Godly Folly. ...

A group of adventurers formed from a successful escape from Coldharbour, they took on their name after being inspired to begin trading goods they found on their adventures after meeting Xukas, an Argonian scale-ointment merchant, naming themselves The Tamrielic Trading Company.

After discovering that their name was eerily close to the Tamrielic Trader's Guild name, they rebranded themselves as The Tamrielic Mercenary Group.

Nicknamed "The Festering Jewel of Murkmire", Lilmoth is an Imperial-built settlement in southern Black Marsh. It is known to be one of the safest places in the region and offers a safe place for all the Argonian tribes to conduct commerce.

The only part of Tamriel left untouched by Molag Bal Planemeld Scheme.

Murkmire is a region situated in southernmost Black Marsh, south of Shadowfen.

"I communed with the Hist, and its roots stretched out to its brethren. Here is what they have shown:"

I was in a dark stone chamber, underneath a xanmeer or some other structure built before the Duskfall.

In this chamber, there was one other. The Hist gave me her name.

The High Priestess of Teeth, Shuxaltsei, or Devours-the-Sun in your tongue.

She was attempting to invoke Sithis' Power through a blood ritual, the old way...

There are two things that trouble me:

Shuxaltsei was a vampire, her scales white, dry... and dead. This is not what makes my spine run cold.

She possesses a Void Stone.

Simply, it can send anyone to the realm of Sithis. There is no escape for us of the Hist or you of Nirn Or at least, that's what I thought at first.

I see you all oppose Shuxaltsei in a grim battle before she banishes you all to Sithis.

There was then a flash of great light, and then I saw Saxhleel with red scales and you were among them.

The Hist ended the vision there. It told me, "You must find the Nirn-Borne Hist."

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