1. Timelines

Imperial Timeline


The official history, as recorded by the imperial scribes of the Sentran Empire.

Age of Elves (AS) < 0

In the beginning, there was nothing but the gods. There was no order to the universe, only a formless sea of chaos. From the chaos, the gods created order, and shaped it to make the world. This world, they decided, was to be Aleona. They assigned each other chores and duties to accomplish. They made the world, the oceans, the stars and moons and sun, the animals, the plants, and the people.

The gods were especially happy with their people. They created many races, and all of them gladly worshiped their deities. Some of the races prospered, and became favorites of the gods. Others were forgotten over time, fading into obscurity when they were no longer gifted by divine favor.

Of the most prosperous of the early races were the elves. They built great cities, and the greatest of these was their capital, Aleorinia. It was a mighty city, with tall white spires that touched the sky. The gods were happy with the accomplishments of the elves, and considered them their greatest creation. There was nothing that the elves could not do.

But with such great achievements there comes a price. There were other races, less favored than the elves, that became envious. Together, they joined forces, and they called themselves the Union.

Led by the First Men, the Union wanted what the elves had. The magics and technology shared by the elves did not bring the Union the happiness that they wanted. They were certain that the elves were holding back, reasoning that the elves were keeping the best for only themselves. The elves said that they were sharing everything, but the Union would not believe their lies. War was declared, the first of its kind.

One by one, the elven cities fell, and the elves scattered. The grand city of Aleorinia was the last, and it, too, fell to the Union. With victory at hand, the Union members squabbled amongst themselves, fighting over their spoils. They soon battled each other, decimating their own numbers.

Before Sentra (BS) 1,000 — 2,000

The calamitous time before the Empire existed.

  • Founding of the City 805 BS

    When the city of Sentra first began as a center of trade and commerce.  It is unknown the precise time between the fall of Aleorinia and the rise of Sentra, but most Imperial historians agree that it was 805 years based on archaeological evidence.

  • First Scourging of the Orcs 957 BS

After Empire (AE) > 2,000

Through trade, diplomacy, and war, the great city of Sentra grew into a mighty human-centric Empire. It spread from the western Imperial Sea across the continent to the Azure Ocean. The humans banded together against the perceived threats of the demihumans. The elves, dwarves, and many of the other races lived longer, and were gifted with special abilities. It seemed only natural that the humans protect themselves, even from imaginary foes. To the other races, especially the elves, the Empire did not seem a problem until it was too late.

To the humans, the Empire was a boon. As the Empire spread, it welcomed more human communities into its fold. They paid taxes to Sentra, and in return were gifted with roads and protection. Humans and half-elves were given the opportunity to serve the Empire and become a citizen, with all the benefits. State-paid education for their children, voting privileges, and more. The people of Sentra knew prosperity. They were more than eager to show this with their countless legion of soldiers and well-trained battle mages, schooled by the best education system in the world. They experimented with mechanical warriors whose sole purpose was to protect the Empire, and other defenses against the demihumans.

  • Chapter 2 Aprivius 24 1215

  • Chapter 1 Aprivius 5 - 7, 1215 AE

    Solari Sana Eillar poisons actor Kappa Adolus, who was set to play the title role of Solarian in an upcoming play at the Gilded Stage. She is apprehended by Vigilants before she can poison the water supply beneath Wyvern Towers.

  • Akkad Defeated 1210 AE

    Solarian sacrifices himself at the Battle of Viterbo in order to defeat the necromancer Akkad and his undead army.

  • Emperor Cessius was the first of House Ceasian, the current imperial dynasty.

  • The great Sentran Empire suffers a setback: a dwarven incursion by the Entente from the east coincided with rebellious lords in the south, barbarian hordes in the north, and the collapse of the Sentran Automaton army, and led to the fracturing of the Empire.

  • Reign of Emperor Uardus Ferrum 323 AE

    Emperor Uardus Ferrum I, of House Ferrum, takes the imperial throne after some brief fighting between noble houses.

  • Fall of House Imperius 317 AE

    Emperor Alciun Imperius III succumbs to an unknown illness at the age of 15, leaving the throne empty.

  • Second Scourging of the Orcs 108 AE

  • Empire Begins 0 AE

    House Imperius, first Imperial family, takes the throne, placing Emperor Iniocus as the head of the new Empire.

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