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Session 14: Entombment


Continued from Session 13: Bygones

Meriel and her old friend Layla went to have a little lunch at The Buttered Biscuit. Layla talked about her latest attempt at acting, when she tried out for a role of Lit'ta at the Gilded Stage for the play. Talking about the festivities during the Week of Remembrance, she described a light show made with Arcstone powered lights by the Magewrights in the Everbright neighborhood. Meriel filled her in on a little bit of the details of the murder at the theater murder at the theater, and her involvement. Meriel asked a few questions about Orien Afar and the Singers, but Layla wasn't familiar with them. She did suggest that information could be found through the Imperial Historians' Society, the library of the Aldarite priests at the Temple of the All-Seeing (in the Hope's Peak neighborhood), or Pallida University.

Meriel and Layla returned to the Tradefair Seat of Law, and Meriel met with Tor'in and Darrenstinian. Amos was already inside with Surt trying to get jurisdiction from the Imperial Watch to investigate Allan's murder at the Dark Horse Den. Captain Trevithick is the lead investigator for the Watch on this case, a name Ren recognized as someone with dirty connections to the Cornys Family, although he does not have any proof of it.

As the group gathered at the steps of the Vigilant building, Alcor came running up, obviously in a hurry and concerned about something. He suggested everyone follow him while he filled them in. He and Oak have been watching an old mausoleum in the Rattlestone neighborhood. There were suspicious Keepers there who were not acting like Keepers. They were not partaking in the rituals and festivities for the Week of Remembrance, they were actively patrolling the area, and they were armed (although they kept their weapons hidden). They believed that they were actually Hammerfall member. Alcor reported that several of them came running out of the mausoleum, some of them injured. They barred the doors behind them. A few members stayed behind while others left.

Tor'in recalled that the mausoleum belonged to the noble family House Nimbria, which had been officially expunged because they were elven sympathizers, which is why it was out of the way in Rattlestone and not tended to by the Keepers.

When the group arrived, there were two Hammerfall thugs guarding the outside the mausoleum. From behind the wall and a short distance away, Alcor and Oak set up a fire to create a large plume of smoke. Meriel produced a Vigilant baldric she happened to have found earlier, and with Ren and Tor'in flanking her, convinced the two guards to leave because of an approaching fire. Once they had left, the three began exploring, and found that the doors to the mausoleum were barred from the outside. Carefully venturing inside, they found a stone sarcophagus, its lid closed with large stones piled on top. Ren moved the lid, heaving it in front of the mausoleum doors on the inside to keep anyone from following behind them. Peering into the sarcophagus, Ren saw a narrow set of stairs leading down.

Down the stairs and at the end of a short passage, a door led to three more sarcophagi along with three zombies and signs of an earlier struggle. Two of the zombies were quickly dispatched, but the one with a sword had armor making difficult to hurt. With the help of Ren and Meriel, Tor'in manged to decapitate the last zombie. He collected the zombie's sword, which had the markings of House Nimbria.

Two large sacks with found, each filled with Bane. Rather than take a risk and travel with the Bane, Meriel hid in the wall behind loose stones and dirt. The three then decided to quickly return to the Vigilants so that they could come back with reinforcements to collect the narcotics.

Continued in Session 15: The Chase.

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