1. Journals

Chapter 1 - The Gilded Stage




Session 1: The Actor — Actor Kappa Adolus of the Gilded Stage is murdered.

Session 2: The Card Lady — Meriel the Illusionist joins the Vigilants to find justice for Kappa.

Session 3: The Dark Horse Den — our investigators uncover part of the mystery at the gambling den.

Session 4: The Apothecary — our investigators venture into the elven neighborhood of Rattlestone for clues.

Session 5: The Solari — the team talks to the Solari cult, and finds a clue that leads them to the sewers.

Session 6: The Cistern — the trail leads to the cistern under the wealthy Wyvern Towers neighborhood.

Session 7: The Culprit — The culprit is confronted.


Constable Amos Crow of the Vigilants.

Tor'in, elven warrior of the blade.

Zarin of Bluereed, aspiring wizard.

Meriel Ravenstone, entertainer and possessor of lock picks.

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