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An angry client has filed a complaint, claiming that a world they ordered never arrived, and the executives of Worldsmith Inc. are frantically searching for a replacement to provide to the client before deific heads start rolling. This is where you, the leading members of the Worldcrafting Inspiration and Terrestrial Creation Hub, or WITCH for short, come into the picture.
Your task is to create a brand new original world for our client, and populate it with drama and adventure for their entertainment. The details of the creation are left to your discretion as is standard procedure. We apologise for the short notice, and wish you good luck in your worldbuilding venture.
Do not fail us.

The first session of this experimental adventure will run using the Arium: Create system, a unique take on collaborative worldbuilding, where they work together to brainstorm ideas for a collaborative world. We will be taking this a step further, by having the player characters be the ones doing the worldbuilding, rather than the players doing it themselves.

The second session and beyond will see the player characters entering into the world they themselves have created, where they will have to traverse an adventure inspired directly by elements they put into the setting, and will run using the Fate Accelerated system.


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