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The fires of hell vs the ice giants



A long time ago, a star fell from the sky and landed in the depth of the Tuagan mountains. People who took notice of this believed it was a bad omen that meant war. They kept their distance and stayed in the plains. From time to time, sometimes many years apart, there were signs of fighting: loud rumbles, pillars of smoke, and lights that burned for days. Other times the rumbles were followed by clouds of dust as if hundreds of warriors were running down the mountain. The people send scouts into the region to find out, who was fighting this battle. A few came back telling stories about how hell itself must be part of this battle since there were streams of fire and burning rocks coming down the mountains. Other scouts reported it must be ice giants since there were whole areas covered in snow, where trees have been ripped from their roots as if they were toothpicks and thrown down the hills. Some unlucky scouts could not tell their findings as they never returned but were caught in the rumbles themself.

This went on for decades and it seemed as no side had the upper hand. There were also times, where there were no signs of the battle for a while and people believed it was over, just to be surprised by an even bigger attack. The sky went dark for days with only the flames of hell shining through the darkness from the mountains. Following the darkness come a cold that crept over the plains and brought snow and ice.

The star that come down

The same events are told and lived by two others. But for them, it is nothing more than a few moments. I started when Monash come down from the sky and crashed into the land. She finally had escaped the cold of the endless darkness and was feeling the heat below. She dug down through the ground until she hit the source of the warmth and full of joy she let it erupt back up to the surface. She decied that this will be her new and warm home.

Tuagan was surprised by this sudden arrival and tried to see what come down. So he moved down through his avalanches. Monash saw the cold coming closer and after a first few touches that turned ice and snow into fog and dust but also solidified molten stone back. The two began a kind of dance, where they tried to reach out to one another but were always turned down.

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