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Hedonstar Precognatives from all over the galaxy predict an event the Drow call Hedonstar. Nobody knows exactly what it is or what's supposed to happen, but whatever it is, the constant visions have driven most precogs insane. ...

An unassuming moon which makes up the home base for The Conned Fraternity. This planetoids pressurized subsurface base is large enough for the small organization. However the atmosphere is dangerous, making surface habitation difficult. This just makes it all the more unlikely to be found on any scans of the area.

This is a tight-knit and anarchic brotherhood.

Truth seen through a forest of Lies.
Hidden in Sanctuary is Slavery.
This Conned Fraternity Stands.

This disheveled man has an intelligent glint in his eye. He's dressed for his own funeral it seems, being withered and old. He seems to have some sort of respect for whatever entity Hariel is involved with.

This guy seems to know his stuff, and flaunts it flamboyantly. Apparently he had a fling with Kipriel.

This Drow is apparently involved with a powerful god-like entity somehow. He's also not as god-like himself.