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Inside the strong walls and teeming defenses of First Landing is relative safety, but outside are great risks and great rewards. The first pages of the New World's History are being written now. Will you be its protagonist?

You'll start your journey in First Landing. From there, you'll take on quests, fight, explore, and acquire loot.

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Mechorn was a little odd, even compared to other Kashrishi. While using his horn as a tool and to protect oneself was relatively common, focusing his efforts on building heartless machines was not. But to Mechorn, it seemed perfectly natural. After all, it was still using his mind to unlock new abilities, just not occult ones. While he wasn’t shunned or kicked out or anything, he felt like he just didn’t have anyone to learn from or bounce ideas off of.

When Mechorn came of age, he decided to leave his village and catch a ride to a city across the sea. It was a huge culture shock at first. So many loud minds with no filter. Fortunately, he befriended a gnome tinkerer on the verge of Bleaching and convinced her to make him her apprentice. He slowly worked his way up from seemingly pointless, tedious tasks to actually building something of his own - a mechanical suit of armor that could grant him even more strength, at the risk of blowing up now and then.

Life in the city was not always perfect. Mechorn got plenty of strange looks and unwanted attention. And while he much preferred to leap away in an explosion, if push came to shove, a fight often was a quicker way to resolve things. It wasn’t always like that. In his home village, folks would never let things get that far with their empathetic abilities. But in the city, that option was replaced with talking and talking was so draining, dealing with all the lying and ugly thought of others. In a fight though, everyone’s mind seemed to become and become focused… focused and quiet.

While things were exciting for a while, his teacher could tell they were starting to fall into a rut. She told him that to learn more and advance his creation further, Mechorn should venture to the newly discovered New World. It might be dangerous, but she knew Mechorn could hold his own.

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Sister Vasilisa is Father Kiril's young grand-daughter, and a Unknown priestess of a yet-unknown Old World deity. She lives with him in the Greenside Chapel.

Vasilisa usually wears a white tunic with red embroidery around her forearms, neck, and ends of her sleeves. Her long straw-blonde hair is free, and a red strip of cloth holds it away from her face; two symbols of the sun hang from it, on her temples, and a similar but smaller one is around her neck. Ladybugs seem to flock around her at all times, and she radiates warmth, love and kindness.  

A beautiful, carefree, if occasionally vaguely distracted soul, Vasilisa tends to the gardens, orchards and yards of the Greenside Farmstead, and is very fond of flowers, particularly poppies and starthistles. Her fair appearance is rivaled only by two things - her skill with weaving and tailoring, and her intellect; she enjoys speaking in riddles or employing wordplay whenever she can, which can make her a bit hard to understand when coupled with her aloofness. For her, words are not unlike fabrics or threads.

Vasilisa cares for Ladybug the Cow (whom she often gifts flower garlands), and frequents the grove and pond close to Greenside proper. 

One of the highest peaks of Greyspine Mountains. There were mighty birds there. 

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