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Wallingford-Back Mines

Supernatural Site



Mines in the Gatineau Region of Quebec. Houses a horrendous once-a-decade event sequestered away.


Common folklore goes that the deposit of Fieldspar and Quartz was given to the eponymous George Wallingford for a bag of potatoes. 

What's known is that he sold the rights to the Canadian Flint and Spar company for $12,000. They opened the mine in 1924 but they were later acquired by Consolidated Fieldspar in 1939 and then again by International Minerals and Chemical Corporation. The mine grew to be the largest in North America, pulling 225,000 tons of fieldspar and 150,000 tons of quartz until its closing in 1972.

Nature reclaimed it after its foreclosure becoming was a series of pits, caverns, and holes filled with a gorgeous cerulean water, a darling 'public secret' to residents who would go and take photos. The mine was open to the public until 2018 due to an influx of tourists and lack of infrastructure to support them.



The changing of hands for the mine might not be suspicious upfront. Companies acquire companies, they expand and try to monopolize. Such is how free capitalism goes. However the change in management should be noted to have occurred once approximately every 15 years. We believe this to not be a coincidence. 

The mines themselves are mostly along the surface, blasted and dug out leaving natural pillar supports for the stone above. However there is also small shafts that have been mostly forgotten leaving to a deeper subterranean structure. Inside this structure is a chamber with a causeway leading to a pedestal. These are not natural. Above is a slit that allows the sun to spill in, fully illuminating the chamber.