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Mona Morvannou was born to parents of a remote village, her father a woodsman and her mother a weaver of local fame. Her early life was spent roughing and tumbling with her 6 older brothers, constantly getting in trouble with her parents and other villagers for pranks and short sighted games, often sneaking into the local chicken farmer's hutchs. As Mona grew, her brothers quickly developed the same broad frame as their father, as Mona adopted the more tall willowy build of her mother. Still seeing herself as one of the boys, Mona worked hard to keep up with them and quickly built a sinewy strength of her own, using momentum and skill to propel her small frame well beyond what it should be able to do. As her brothers began slowly becoming adults, Mona was left behind more and more as they matured and split off to make their own careers and families. The majority stayed in the village working menial jobs, but her eldest brother took up arms with a band of mercenaries traveling through the area looking for recruits for an upcoming contract with a local lord. Mona began to get bored with her life, she had no interest in the young men of the village, and wasted her time away with a small apprenticeship to her father after she made it abundantly clear she had no interest in following her mothers craft. The muscle continued piling onto her small frame, until her eldest brother returned unexpectedly with the band of mercenaries he had joined years ago, now again looking for fresh blood. Seeing her opportunity to escape the boring life she knew she had to leap at the opportunity, and with her brother's vouching joined up.
What followed was months of brutal training from her brother, as she had the strength but not the skill to survive in battle. Her skill grew over time, leaning herself towards the large axe she had purchased initially to cut trees with. As the band neared the end of its recruitment drive, they were again contracted to a local lord, this time in a more clandestine fashion. They were to raid and burn an opposing lords villages in order to distract and divert his attention and funds. The campaign was small with relatively little danger, but Mora threw herself at the work. The blood on her hands was not ideal, but better them than her in her mind. Slowly they built a reputation, eventually a series of contracts were laid on the more conspicuous members of the band, including Mora, known as 'Mauve' for the purple markings on her shield. The only woman of the band she was easily picked out in wanted posters. Deciding that her work was getting a bit too dangerous, Mora elected to leave the band for a time until her heat died down. Continuing in the mercenary lifestyle, Mora traveled far on caravans working as guards, taking small contracts here and there to hunt down criminals and wanted individuals before ending up on the outskirts of the dwarven settlement of Riverway.
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Rathnar was born to a human mother in a small frontier town, hidden away by his mother for fear of the repercussions. When he was caught by the local children, many of the village folk dragged him out of his home and started to beat on him. When he fought back, the guard were called, and he was arrested. 

After a couple of nights captured in the stockade, the local blacksmith managed to convnce the guard to let Rathnar go, and trained him in the ways of smithing weapons, tools and armor.

After around a year of this, Rathnar's town was attacked, and he aided in the defense clad in weapons and armor that he had crafted himself. He was the only survivor. Shortly after the battle, he was contacted by a war god (DM's choice) and started on his quest to make the world a safer place.

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11 16 11 7 15 11

The Nyxtane family has swelled in the redwoods of the Beastlands for as long as the Beastlands were liberated from the Empire. They were simple followers of the wind and sky, honoring their heritage and nature, with few defying who they were to be like the dwellers of the land below the trees. Cloudstrider was originally born as Goldfeather, sister of Silverwing. Until the Awakening that is. Upon age 10 she found her gift, and the wind gusted upon her command, the mere utterance of her voice. Luma have had skill with magical arts for long with their ancestry, but few had power over the wind as she. She was then called Cloudstrider and was taken by the Elder Council of Feathers to undergo her training. Silverwing, filled with jealous spite, left the trees and went to the Empire. At 20 she was tasked by the elders to seek out the artifacts of the Wind-Touched before her: Boots of Striding and Springing, The Emerald of the Wind, and the Skymaster's Staff. During the days prior to her journey she entered into meditation and received a vision: a tear-shaped flame falling onto a battlefield where four heroes stood as the shadow of the Empire approached. The day she left the wind guided her and some followers, Hottots and BawkRA, to a caravan heading to Gox lead by Jarango Gemheart, a greedy, gluttonous Tabaxi.

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18 16 15 14 12 11

Sulfr was born into a family whose sons were always commissioned for knighthood once reaching an acceptable age. Sulfr was no different, he was made a squire by one of his older brothers when he was old enough and spent his days learning to become a knight. Unfortunately for him his four older brothers who were all established knights had little time for him outside of giving him extra duties to do once he was done with his regular duties.


It was a few weeks before Sulfr was to be knighted and finally join his brothers on the battlefield when a was town attacked and his brothers and their squires were sent to protect it. The enemy they were to engage was bigger than they were told by the messenger and Sulfr’s brothers were slain and as the other squires rode back to the keep Sulfr hid among the trees and waited for the band of men to leave the area so he could go to his brothers.


He was able to find an abandoned cart near where his brothers fought and loaded his brothers onto it so he could bring them hope for a proper burial. He searched for their weapons as they were family heirlooms but he only found one of his brothers weapons a Greatsword he assumed they did not see it since it was pinned underneath his brothers horse.But they took the great maul, longsword, spear and shields his other three brothers were using.


Arriving home after days of travel, he told his family what had happened and joined them as the mourned the loss of his brothers. A funeral was held for his brothers in attendance were knights from the keep and after the ceremony they told Sulfr they would expect him back at the keep in 3 days time. He argued with his father that being a knight at the keep was not what he wanted and they did little in protecting these lands merely keep the roving bandits at bay as they attacked our towns instead of finding their hideouts and ridding them from the land. He found little understanding with his father being reminded that it was tradition for their family to serve and they had no duty to protect any lands but their own.


The next day Sulfr loaded up his wagon and told his father he was headed to the keep. When he could no longer see his family home he changed direction and headed away from the keep towards the border of their lands. He decided that he would avenge the deaths of his brothers and actually make a difference not merely keep to the status quo to keep their lands safe.


That was about 400 years ago, Since then he has served in a mercenary company known as the wandering fist, he left them a while ago but is sure they are still around and he will see them again. More recently he has gotten himself into a bit of trouble He wandered upon a small village that was being oppressed by a criminal organization who was keeping the villagers in poverty by charging them rents for their fields and homes without even leaving them much of the crops they produces. Sulfr found the house they were operating out of in the village and burned it down when they would not stop extorting the villagers. After this Sulfr started to notice people following him when he was in bigger towns, eventually he caught one and found a bounty notice out for him. Since then he has stuck to smaller villages helping them for what little they can offer be it a hot meal or a place to sleep off the ground. Now he just has to figure out how to get rid of this bounty without dying or ending up in jai

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12 11 16 8 13 17

I was a naval officer in a foreign army but abandoned my post and turned to piracy after seeing the atrocities of war. I spent most of my years smuggling for money until I found the love of my life and worked to settle down away from the criminal life style. A contract came along that payed more than enough to settle my debts and set me and my pregnant wife up with a new life. I accepted the contract until i found out the cargo was human slaves. When I refused I found that my wife had been kidnapped and sold into slavery as recompense. I now spend my days searching for her and my son who I have yet to meet. Ive tracked the slave trade down to the city of dubin and intend to continue following the lead seeking revenge upon these slavers as I go.

A powerful relic that was taken from Krilis Mrax it has the ability to manipulate others. It has a shard of Meribazur in its center.

A dagger made out of a dragon's talon upon picking it up the wielder will go into shock and experience a past memory. It has a shard of Meribazur in its hilt.

A necklace given to the group by the woodspeaker. Once per day it could summon 10 goodberies. It has a shard of Meribazur in it.