1. Notes

(ⅩⅤⅠ) The Titan


"That line of stars to the west is called the Tower of Praxys.  This constellation brings to mind the Titan Hergeron, and his and his unfortunate fate. Once the Lord of Battle, Hergeron challenged Sydon, the Lord of Storms, to a duel.  Sydon had stolen his power their eldest brother Talieus, and Hergeron sought revenge.

But though Hergeron was unmatched in strength and valor, he had no mind for strategy.  He greatly underestimated his younger sibling's newfound strength, and Sydon dealt him a crushing defeat.

As punishment for his failure, Hergeron was cast down and imprisoned in the foundations of Sydon's newly-erected stronghold - the Tower of Praxys.  Hergeron carries the full weight of the tower on his shoulders, and he will continue to do so for all eternity."