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(S29) A Miracle for the Ages


Death and devastation continued on the ship. Friend killing friend, blood was being spilled in every inch of the ship. Deep in the deck The Heroes of Thylea struggled against Euryale wh had become a monstrous snake being while under the influence of the curse. She already had petrified Aella, The Whirlwind and her rage was immense. Moxena ran away from Praxos who was still berserk, taking an arrow in the back for her trouble, deftly made her way past Euryale and ducked into the room where the petrified Aella, The Whirlwind was. She deftly uncovered two odd potions and succesfully unpetrified both Aella and Eurytus. In the small reprieve Eurytus was ale to disable the berserk Rekken by turning him into a newt which Praxos easily grabbed. However, they were quickly interupted by a furious Euryale charging in and atttempting to kill Moxena but the combined might of the party was able to take her out. Thankfully, she was knocked out instead of killed as after sme time she regained her original humanoid form.

Praxos immidately rushed to the deck and using his commanding presense was able to stop the remaining fighting as everyone kneeled and dropped their weapons. The price the crew had taken was immense with about sixty dead and most injured greiviously. Amongst the corpses Tryntia spooted Old Samuel, his brains dashed out. As the heroes went from person to person attempting to heal what the could Eurytus sensed the part of the apple of the Great Tree of Thylea within all crewmembers, both alive and dead. He was struck that it would be possible to push pure spell energy through that network and express it as pure healing magic. Eyes flashing with the effort, he pushed all his power to the task, quickly joined by the rest of the heroes. Together they unleashed a blast of power unseen in centuries. So potent was the spell that not only every crewmember returned to life but all their injuries were healed, old and new. Life sprang out and touched everything with even the wooden decks of The Ultros sprouting leaves and regrowing broken sections with a rougher more natural looking bark. Kyrah exclaimed that this was something "like they used to be able to do" and Dharan was so overcame with emotion that he revealed that he had been Pythor all along and swore and oath of service to the heroes. “I swear an oath of service to you, heroes of Thylea. Forever more, when you call for me, I will help” his words only slighty undercut by the smell of wine emanating from him. Eurytus spoke up, telling the crew to remember this day as the day they stood against the darkness and won. A tragedy remained however as it seemed the Oracle Versi had been slain and had stayed dead. Eurytus inspected the wound and could tell this was caused by Tryntia but did not share his findings with anyone.

Aella, The Whirlwind commanded the crew to set sail and find the nearest island. When it was found, a grand fire was made, booze supplies were opened and the crew of the Ultros tried to make heads and tails of what had happened. Eurytus explained that it was suspicious that none of the old titans had been killed but instead immobilised or trapped and suggested tha tthe yshould seek them out as powerful allies against Lutheria and Sydon. Much talk was also had about the Dragons and how their dissapearance didn't make much sense. It seemed Kyrah knew more but was not able to say. Eurytus attempted to peer into her mind but was only able to glean an image of a mortally wounded Balmytria. AFter the discussion was had Praxos suggested they continue on their way to the (ⅩⅤⅠⅠⅠ) The Turtle but afterwards make their way back to the mainland as a way to resupply and rest their crew. The rest of the heroes seemed to agree.

Thankfully it was that night when the constelation appeared, pointed out by the now living Old Samuel. As the ship set sail Aella, The Whirlwind had a familair dream with a twist. Where before she burned from the fires of her mind, this time a slender woman dressed in an archaic style her head covered completely by an elaborately carved wooden dragon mask had joined her and eased her torment.

The next day the party found themselves close to a small island with a hut in the middle. Tryntia jumped into the water and scouted, quickly finding that this was no island at all but an enormous turtle that could apparently speak in Primordial. It seemed calm and peaceful so Tryntia aproached the hut, the sound of ringing metal filling her ears as she got closer. Knocking on the door she startled the blacksmith who turned and revealed himself. It was then Tryntia realised she was face to face with a face that was identical to her old friend and companion Dhovos Syn Priboya.

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