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The party aproached Yonder but spotting an intact tower coupled with what appeared as a giant they sailed a distance and circled back around to the other side of the island. Mooring the ship, Eurytus made it appear as just rock using magic, they scouted the area. Unfortunately while Tryntia rememebered both of a cave network and a mountain path they were both not options as the centuries and the massive damage this island had sustained had collapsed them both. Climbing was possible but extremely perilous. Decision was made to sneak to the tower that was seen, on the way Yggrdan sensed something and looking out the party saw a silver dragon hunting dolphins far out to sea. Continuing on they saw a wooden palisade infront of the tower with ballista and archers lining the walls. On top of the tower was a mangonel that could have fired out to the Ultros if it had been spotted. They decided that they would make an asssault. Stealthing up with the aid of magic (fog cloud, pass without trace and a major illision to manifest a massive blue dragon on the other side of the fort) the party was able to get over the wall for the most part and begin a fight. Things went really well until the commander of the fort rode his gorgon (giant metal bull) and did some grevious damage to a couple folk. Tryntia and Eyruale went down but were quickly healed. Long story short, the fort is taken, one soldier has gone to warn the main encampent but all theyve seen is a blue dragon and you have a captive, a archer dressed not in Sydon colours but in more of a mercenary garb.

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