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The following morning proved quite busy for The Heroes of Thylea.

The day began quite early for Tryntia. Before the crack of dawn she sent Unknown to scout out the underwater section of the relay hoping that his aquatically adapted eyes would spot some sort of advantage. And so it was as he discovered a strong current that went downwards, through a wrecked ship and up away. While examining this he caught glimpse of something large and tentacly like for a split second but decided to withdraw and report back to TryntiaRekken dreamed that he was flying higher than the clouds themselves before being awakened by the light patter of Hearty, Serafina 's pseudodragon looking at him with affection. Serafina followed in soon after to apologize for the little rascal and the two ended up having a chat about what awaited them next. Eurytus woke in a dream world made of fire, his every synapse screaming in pain. He was able to master himself and realize there was another figure close to him, a woman made of fire. Quickly using his power to shield them both from the fire by surrounding them with water he was shocked to see that he recognized the figure, it being now other than Chalcia The First, seemingly driven mad by pain.She asked for help before the fire broke in and Eurytus awoke. Euryale woke up surrounded by luxury and was confronted by her husband, Sullas. He had inquired about her with Versi, the Oracle and as such had found out more about her past life. Seeing as it was her birthday, he gifted a periapt with her family's motto on it. Sullas now knew that Euryale was a Sideris and while he was persuaded to stop digging he also knows the location of the Sideris estate. Aella, The Whirlwind slept til late. And most dramatically, Praxos was assaulted by an assassin.In his dreams, he was forewarned by Mytros and was able to defend himself admirably even though he was unarmoured. Alas, the assassin had a powerful poison on his blade and was able to barely overwhelm Praxos Thankfully, by striking another during a time when an Oath of Peace held the city, the would be assassin was grabbed, judged and sent to eternal exile by the  Furies. One of them seemed to know about Praxos 's deeds from what she said before she departed.

The team met up and after sharing the events of the day went to take part with the The Great GamesPraxos gets a gift from Vallus. a magical bow. Ultros leaves an heads to The Island of Yonder, the last known location of the missing gear of the Antikythera.

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