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(S23) We are the Champions


The games continue!

Rekken and Aella, The Whirlwind decided to quality for the wrestling. They both succeeded even though the qualifier was defeating a bear. Things did not prove as easy in the finals with Pholon knocking out Rekken after a long wrestle. Aella, The Whirlwind wrestled Yala the Titanborn. The titaness had restricted herself to mortal strength (still quite formidable) and Aella was able to overpower her. Long story short the The Heroes of Thylea became the champions of The Great Games.

Aella, The Whirlwind received a letter that was clearly from Unknown. It asked her to go alone which she immediately did however Tryntia decided to also follow her. Sending Ylena ahead, Tryntia was able to witness their conversation. She found out that Unknown used to be an Amazon named Moxena. She informed Aella that she had knowledge about the creature that destroyed her family's island. From what Moxena said, it seemed the attack had not been a random act of destruction but instead was intimately connected to the politics around the Island Of Themis. She promised to assist Aella with that if they both swore an oath of service to each other until Aella got her vengeance and Moxena toppled her sister, Queen Thesilea.

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