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(S02) Seek out the Oracle


The Heroes of Thylea will now make their way to The Temple of the Oracle to get answers and to find out their destiny. However, a more urgent reason has also appeared.

After the festivities ended after the events of The Corrupted Boar everyone went to sleep and had the same dream. The Oracle appeared to them and said a few faint words sounding as if she was underwater.


The Heroes of Thylea made their way with great haste. Knowledgeable Eurytus was able to lead them through The Oldwood without large difficulty and they soon found themselves at The Temple of the Oracle

It's doors sealed and the usual crown of attendants and people hoping to be granted an audience with the the Oracle were missing. Something was quite amiss.

Thankfully, mighty Tryntia knew of a different way to enter the large system of caves and tunnels that made up The Temple of the Oracle and the heroes soon found themselves at an old temple that appeared to have been a temple of Sydon's. Fighting through malevolent steam spirits, animated weapons and soldiers from The Order of Sydon the heroes were able to free the surviving attendants, including Proteus and make their way down to Versi's grotto.

The heroes then rescued the Oracle from the clutches of the witch Heleka, and in the process, they've learned the first portion of what The Fates have in store for them. Now, they must undertake a series of Great Labors in order to prepare for their confrontation with The Ancient Titans. The prophecies can be found in The Prophecy of Versi.

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