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(S01) The Corrupted Boar


Sydon and Lutheria, the Twin Titans, have corrupted the heart of an ancient boar and unleashed it in the verdant countryside east of the The City of Estoria. They hope to create fear in the people of Thylea so that the mortals will abandon their worship of The Five Gods. The Oath of Peace once protected the human settlers from the Titans, but now the magic of the oath is weakening. This is a small taste of the devastation to come.

Kyrah, Poet Laureate of Mytros has summoned the heroes to hunt the boar and put an end to the devastation that it is causing any way they can. If the beast has been slain, the carcass should be burned as a sacrifice to one of the gods or Titans. Great fame and riches are promised to those who make such offerings. 

The hunters took the party to where they had left rotting fruit as bait - it was there that the hunting party was split in two. In one the hunter Tarvos led Kyrah, Euryale, Tryntia and Selene to the west and Javon leading Praxos, Aella, Eurytus and Rekken to the north. The party to the north came across a ruined homestead and while attempting to rescue a trapped villager where ambushed by boars behaving quite intelligently. The battle was brutal with Eurytus the centaur being knocked out by a giant boar but the party was able to dispatch them. The rescued villager, a young woman called Efterpi was an apprentice cleric of Mytros so was able to heal the party somewhat. Putting the remains of her family to rest, the party continued deeper into the forest with confidence until they found The Boar's Cave.

Setting up a rope between two rocks Aella, The Whirlwind the Amazon shouted at the boar. With a great squeal, it emerged, the rope tangling around its legs. The fight was fierce with Javon, unfortunately, dying, gored by its massive tusks but the party was finally able to bring it down, with Praxos landing the final blow. Before it perished it said this to them:

“Know this, mortals. Your sins cannot be atoned. An ancient power sleeps in the heart of Thylea, and when it awakens, the age of Mytros will come to an end. Just as my broken body falls to ruin and decay, so too all mortal things will come to death and darkness. No prophecy will save you.”

The party decided to dedicate the boar to Thylea

All is still for a moment as the fires of the sacrifice begin to quickly burn out. A crackle from a burning branch gives way to a great song from the birds in the trees, previously absent due to the boar’s presence. Other woodland creatures curiously step out of their hiding places, and all seem to glance at you, knowingly, before retreating into the forest once more.

The party gains the love and respect of woodland animals and also a Charm of Vitality. They then headed back to the sour vintage where a huge celebration was occurring for them - seemingly as if they knew what happened before they had returned. 

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