(ⅩⅠⅠⅠ) The Spear
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(ⅩⅠⅠⅠ) The Spear


"In the western sky at dusk you can see the Spear of Sydon.  It reminds me of the tale of Galimus, a soldier who broke his oath to serve the King of Estoria.

Galimus was a lazy, brutish coward who preyed upon the weak.  Recognising thism his officers banished him from the army.  Bitter and resentful, Galimus prayed to Sydon.  If the Lord of Storms would transform him into the greatest warrior in Thylea, then he would kill the very king he had vowed to serve.

In answer to his prayer, Galimus was transformed into a powerful minotaur.  Reckless with power, he rampaged throughout the king's palace, trampling and killing all who crossed his path.  Eventually the king rallied his men against the monster.  They stabbed him a thousand times with their spears until he lay dead.

Because of Galimus, the people of Estoria and Mytros regard minotaurs as untrustworthy brutes, even to this day - but Galimus was a monster long before he became a minotaur."