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  1. Journals

Ophelia's Journal: Order of the Dawn


Session 1: Multiple Paths Forward

After returning to Hawthorne from the events of Bright Crown Citadel, Loric headed back to Boldersong Keep. He is greeted by the various hirelings of the estate. He talks to the guards present at the door, Harold and Henry Duststone, a pair of twins. He asks them if “Everyone is here.” 

The twins ask Loric what he means by that. Loric clarifies that he’s asking who is present. The twins reply that they are here, before looking at him. Loric continues by asking if William or Elena are present. The twins shake their heads to indicate “No.”

The twins say that William left with a noble and a wizard, and Elena left with Kay.  The pair said that they had informed them of where they were going. Loric wondered if the others were present, to which the twins shake their heads to indicate “No.” As they continued, some of Loric’s friends were injured and went to the hospital: the elf was. They can never remember the elf’s name. Loric admits he can’t either.

Loric wanted more details about what happened. They said the elf had come in and said he was injured, and went on his own to the hospital. He said to inform Loric of where he was. Loric inquired about the others. The twins replied that Elena and Kay were going to meet with a tarot reader in the outskirts of Hawthorne, seeking to expand their horizons to seek what they were searching for. As for William, he left with a powerful wizard and a noble. They had come talking about a powerful golden sword, with a sapphire in the hilt; it seemed to be an expensive sword. William also left with Davenas, the half-elf. 

Loric informed the twins to let anyone of them that had came to tell them he had stopped by. The twins said they would, and said that they had wondered where Loric had been for some time. The twins said strange things had been happening in town. The twins also said that the town had gone completely dark, and wished Loric had been there. Loric said he was there and was busy with that.

Loric asked what the noble looked like. The twins said that noble was oversized with long blonde hair, purple robes, and had a wizard hat with yellow stars on it. Loric replied that to tell the others he was back. He then asked where the guy with the weird sideburns was. The pair said that they had seen him sneaking around nearby. Loric said he would go seek them out, but to tell the others he was back and looking for them. 

Loric then turned and left. Loric then left to the guild hall to ask if there was a location where “Thomas” was. (“Thomas” being Rickard’s identity in the guild) In the guild hall, Loric would see Favreau, a guild secretary, talking to an individual joining the guild. There are a number of people present in the guild hall. 

Rickard hears around that Loric was looking for him, and he goes to meet with Loric at the guild hall. Loric says it was a coincidence, as he was looking for Rickard. He thought Rickard would be harder to find. Rickard said he found Loric; not the other way around. Rickard asked where Loric had been; Loric said he’d been busy. Rickard replied that the town had blown up, as they had last talked to each other before the events of the Titan.

Rickard lamented on the loss of his investments in Lerwick, but thankfully he had recovered his personal assets. He had gone on a mission for the guild at Blank’s directive to retrieve the Hand of Umberlee. He said he would help Loric, provided they wouldn’t go to sea. Loric promised he wouldn’t knowingly take Rickard out to sea. Loric said he had a quicker means of going around. 

Loric wondered why Rickard didn’t just fly instead of taking a book. As Rickard recalled, taking a ship had been part of the mission. Rickard spoke of a wizard named Chunder or Thunder that might be useful, and that would be easy to bully into doing things, as Rickard recalled Sonder. 

Rickard asks what the plan is. Loric says he doesn’t normally have a plan, but he has some steps to get to a plan. First, he needs some help. There are a couple of people thay may be willing to help. They would stop by to see them and take things from there. Loric asks if Rickard is ready to leave for a while. Rickard says he hates the place, as he used to like ships, but then he went on a boat with a bunch of Hawthorne adventurers and he came to hate ships. 

Rickard said he was ready to go. He says that there’s going on in Hawthorne compared to Lerwick; the laws aren’t as strict, but there’s less interesting people around as well. Loric planned to go to the Watch next. Rickard recalled the elf 'Aenael adh Akkati who was an elvish adventurer and a traveler. One day, he got captured and became a slave in the City of Calimport, hence the name. His actual name is Aenael O'nae as Rickard recalled. 

The two went to go and meet with Ophelia at the Watch, but she was actually on break at the Hawthorne Roses, having coffee with Richter. Rickard and Loric headed towards the Roses camp, taking broom and pegasus respectively. 

They headed towards Boldersong Keep, where a strange creature was kept in the stables.

Loric spoke of the Order he had belonged to, which had been betrayed. Over history, the Order of the Dawn was tasked with protecting a sword from falling into the wrong hands. Their more recent goals been to help people. Loric didn’t know there were survivor of the treachery that had destroyed it. Before the events of the Titan, Loric was visited by a survivor of the Order of the Dawn that had met with Loric. He and others had escaped the keep when the Order was betrayed. He gathered others to go into hiding. Their leader, Ewan Boldersong, has never been found. There is also the matter of finding the traitor. Loric said Thomas had a painting.


The traitor was known as Aeo’n Ónëa. They had betrayed the Order during Loric’s time in Lerwick. Loric had not faced him. Loric is uncertain why they had betrayed the Order of the Dawn. Loric recalled Hayden was worried that Aeo’n Ónëa was trying to find the sword, via the Tablet. The sword had been lost at some point in the sense the current members of the Order of the Dawn did not know where it was. He sought to find the sword.

Thomas had the painting made of Onea. He had gotten the description. Rickard recalled the elf 'Aenael adh Akkati who was an elvish adventurer and a traveler. One day, he got captured and became a slave in the City of Calimport, hence the name. His actual name is Aenael O'nae as Rickard recalled. The painting was made from the recollections of the Order of the Dawn. 

One of the members of the Order of the Dawn, Elena, had hid away while Onea attacked. Loric and Rickard had come across Onea and those he’s working with in a hideout. The keep where the Order of the Dawn was present was west to the High Forest. There must have been others that aided Onea with the attack. 

The hideout they went to was in the Far Forest. Before that, Loric and Fredrick had found another hideout north in the Nether Mountains. They had found a hidden compartment with a tuning fork to a demiplane. Unfortunately, Loric did not know who Onea’s allies are, but perhaps it is known as the “Brotherhood of Shadows.” However, he may be remembering the name wrong. 

Rickard began to speak. Rickard’s theory regarding the cult regarding mother and son to be reunited. Rickard thought of Mask and Shar, as Shar to try to absorb Mask. Rickard described how Mask used to be what Cyric is now; but he was turned into a sword used by Cyric until he was used to kill Cyric. Mask is a patron god of thieves. Mask has bad blood with Cyric and on and off with rivalry with Shar.  

The party went to go meet with Fredrick in the Hall of Vigilance. He had a tuning fork, made of iron. It makes an E major sound. The party wondered what plane the demiplane was of that the the tuning fork led to. Frederick and the others did not know. The party considered three options to determine what the tuning fork was linked to:

1) Talk to one of the NPCs we know.

2) Research at a library.

3) Use a divination spell.

The party goes to the hospital. They are greeted by the secretary. They went to go meet with Danìloth Ilwënys, the elf that was injured. 


Daniloth looked mostly fine. Daniloth greeted Loric and those with him. He greeted “Thomas” and greeted Ophelia. Daniloth said the healers were trying to figure out what happened to him. He was struck by an ailment, but divine magic even hasn’t helped. His hand is not functioning properly due to the illness.

He had gone to investigate and find more information about Aeon Onea. He had not found as much as he would have liked. What he found out that it seems like there are various cells of Shar cultists. They don’t just worship Shar for its own sake, but seem to have their own goal. Various cells have different goals. One is led by a dark and powerful individual who cursed him and his hand. They are sacrificing mothers and their sons in a sick experiment to see if a human can absorb the power of another. He dispatched a few of these cultists, but this last one got the better of me. He had to flee. When his hand is fine, he’ll go to deal with them again. He fought them in the High Forest.

As Daniloth recalled, the cell was present to the southeast. Ophelia took out a map for Daniloth to mark out where in the High Forest he came across the cell. He would point out the location. Daniloth said that not far from the location, to the west, there was something that caught the interest of a wizard and a noble. William and Davenas went to help them out at the abandoned settlement there. Daniloth is not convinced this is the sword they’re looking for. There seemed to be a sword of interest there. 

Daniloth, William, and Davenas had traveled together but they split up to cover more ground as Daniloth to investigate. The wizard was named Abreau, and the noble was named Phillip. They have been gone for some time. Daniloth would have been expected them to be back by now. The wizard hasn’t been seen since last he saw. 

Ophelia asked about the sword. Daniloth said that there was a noble who lost the sword, according to Abreau, who was seeking it in the abandoned settlement. Initially, the noble wanted a life of adventure and hired mercenaries to go with him. Daniloth recalled, of the cultist base, that a spell cast by the cultist who was wielding the staff. He wondered if the staff helped with the curse that was cast on him.

Loric asked if Daniloth had spoken with Elena and Kay. He said they had gone for a tarot reading but they had not been back yet. Hayden left a note with Gareth. There was a young paladin about to lose her way, but they went to help her. (Thea of Leefside) Ophelia explains her relationship with Thea.

Daniloth spoke of Locke that was in town. There was a young girl in town he was training (Miyako) Daniloth also spoke that Christofor met with a time mage that they went to explore one of the cells. From what Daniloth heard of Christofor, the time mage could peer into events in the past in a certain location. 

Loric then wondered what happened with Ben. Daniloth said they had found various cells of cultists in the High Forest and Far Forest. Ben decided to infiltrate one of the cells as an undercover agent. Infiltration is his specialty. Ophelia asked about the different cells.

Daniloth said the group was known as the Veil. Their goal is to have Shar absorb Mask’s power. Daniloth said that in the past Loric had gone one of the hideouts where the cell was present, where Onea’s journal was present.. From what Daniloth had learned from William and what Loric discovered, the cells weren’t well organized. The main group may have had the goal, but other groups didn’t seem to be as aware of things.

The party went to meet with Chrystelle. She was happy to see the party, and Ophelia let Chrystelle know that she was going off to help Loric for a while. Chrystelle, Ophelia, and Loric spoke of Ephemer and how he was missing. Chrystelle was planning to see Daniloth.

From Daniloth’s room, they got a teleportation object for the SE High Forest - Veil. Rickard considered if the party should go to Calimport to investigate Aeon Onea’s origins and motivations. Ophelia suggests they look into major centers of worship to Shar in the area given the connection between Shar, the Veil organization, and Aeon Onea.

Fredrick sent to William to inform them they were at Boldersong with Loric. He asked if he was okay and needed assistance. There were some communication issues with William, who had difficulty adhering to the 25 word limit.  

Ophelia then did a sending to Thea: “Heard you left to deal with the devil and have assistance with you. How are things and are you okay? Where are you?” 

Thea replied spitefully, “You promised to help me, but you've just been too busy with other things, well I don't need you. All you did was make things worst.” 

Ophelia was concerned, but chose to reply to Thea again later. The party flew to the outskirts at the red tent. There was a barrier of threads and beads separating the way in.

There is a woman within, as well as a variety of embroidered pillows around. The lady is dressed in red and black. She smiles as she sees the party. She says “Welcome” to the party. There is no one else in the room with her.


Loric said to the lady she was looking for a pair of people who had visited her tent. The woman said many people came to her tent. Loric described Elena and Kay, and Ophelia named them. Loric asked where they were. The lady said she gave them a reading yesterday, but they left. She did not know where they went; only they knew.

They got transported. They went on a journey to an epiphany. Loric did not know where they went. Ophelia explained the nature of the Tarokka card reading, as she suspected the woman was a Vistana. The woman offered a reading for the party. She began to perform a reading for the party. What will happen is unclear...

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