1. Journals

The Maw's Ritual



This notebook contains very few details and the handwriting is pretty hard to make out, but it seems to have been written in Alzhedo.

From the few legible passages, it seems like this book contains notes on the attempts of formulating a ritual that could create Driders. From your understanding of the notes, various races have been used in an attempt to create this ritual, but it seems like the writer would have preferred to have drow subjects. It is evident from the notes that the writer bears some sort of hatred towards drows, but believes they may yield a greater chance of success. However, some passages seem to indicate the writer didn't always have the luxury of choices when it came to the selection of the subjects. Not enough information can be made out regarding this ritual for its attempts to be reproduced. Regardless, it seems like all of the attempts of the writer had failed. Some of the earlier notes seem to make mention of Lolth and the writer seems to have unfavorable thoughts toward her.

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