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This world is known as Hazeron. It is an old world of feuding gods and ruined civilizations. In the middle of this world lies the continent of Gessaria, a mysterious land of magic and war. The expansive continent of Fusalis sits to the north, an untamed land of mountains and ice. The elven homelands of Weysol are to the west, and further past the island continent is the forbidden land Vvsekviss. The continent of Atavar sits to the south, full of life and civilization.

Our current campaign follows the exploits of a group that joined the ancient guild the Claw of Arali, a powerful institution with great influence in the Kalhastian Empire.

Welcome to the campaign! As you learn more about the world in game, I will unlock and update the content on this site. Hopefully this can help give you a better idea of the world you are playing in!

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