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The Claw of Arali, usually shortened to the Claw, is an ancient guild of monster slayers mainly active in the Kalhastian Empire. The guild traces its lineage back to before the Empire was even founded, with roots that span across the entire continent of Atavar.

Positions in the guild are highly sought after due to the resources the guild possesses; high ranking members of the guild are granted access to ancient libraries of lost knowledge, high paying bounties, and secret businesses that sell magical items to illegal contraband. Those who manage to make their way to the top of the Claw attain almost legendary status.


The Claw has a number of headquarters located throughout the Empire as well as a few outposts and allies outside the kingdom's borders. The oldest and most prolific headquarters is Cloverhall in the capital city of Adalhast


The Claw has founded at some point in the middle of the Broken Age as a sort of militia. It grew quickly alongside the Kalhastian Empire, and many people relied on the members of the guild to protect them from the many threats that wandered the savage, godless lands.

With the gradual return of the gods in the Age of Iron and Chains, the Claw became more of a specialist guild focused on the quality of their work. The guild became extremely selective on who would be given membership, and held its people to a very high standard. As the guild became renowned for its reliability, the Claw was permanently ingrained in the societal landscape of Kalhastia as its endeavors were rewarded with significant amounts of political clout, raw capital, and rare knowledge and items retrieved by its members. As an institution, the Claw began to command a great amount of respect from most people in the Empire, and even beyond. If you wanted a job done, you paid an adventurer you found on the road. If you wanted a job done right, you sent for the Claw.

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