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The College of Buckhold is a magical college located run by the Left Hand and located in the Stand of Bucktuck City. While it was not historically a magical college, it changed to become one in 984 when the Left Hand became its headmaster. The college is known for their expertise in enchantment magic, and has an elite force of mages known as the Dark Embers.

Buckhold has a rather robust library with a wide variety of mundane texts, as well as a locked subterranean office in the back that houses a number of forbidden, banned, and secret tomes.


In 984 IaC, the College of Buckhold was placed under the charge of the Left Hand, who pivoted the college's focus to the study of magic. Over the following years, the college became well known for their studies of enchantment magic, though the locals of Bucktuck City became suspicious of the strange experiments rumored to occur within, believing the curses that began to befall the city were a result of these.

In 989, the library of Buckhold was burglarized by a group known as the Cursebusters, who stole a number of valuable books from the restricted section of the library. The Grey Wings were mobilized to track down the thieves, but they all managed to flee the scene, leaving a large amount of cheese and a rotting head on the reception counter of the college. As the group ventured through Bucktuck City and began to remove curses around town, the college, under the direction of the Left Hand, sent out a contingent of mages to clean up witnesses and detain the members of the party. These mages were promptly destroyed by the group as well as the fey cannibal Erigor

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