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The Sufessian Dominion, sometimes known as Sufessia, is an oppressive monarchical kingdom located in the continent of Atavar. It is an expansive, sprawling kingdom with borders that fluctuate wildly from its many attempts at conquest. While in recent years the kingdom's lust for power and land have subsided somewhat, its violent history is still fresh in the minds of the citizens of the continent. The majority of its citizens speak the obscure language Sufessian, as not doing so is a punishable offense.



Since the middle of the 800s IaC, the Dominion began a wide-scale assault on numerous surrounding territories, utilizing the power of the Sallow Stone to shape massive armies of loyal soldiers. During this time large portions of the forests surrounding the Free Lands were razed, with new settlements quickly springing up around the ashes. In 949, the second eldest heir to the throne, Prince Kradva Ospen, feeling guilt for the destruction his kingdom wrought, sought a method to end the warfare engulfing the land. In his efforts, he was discovered by the wizard Renbedar Uleshan, who informed the prince of the nature of the Sallow Stone, tasking him to steal it away and bring it to Madrioc in the Nightspell Moors. Kradva managed to steal away the stone in 951, leaving Sufessia without the means to fuel their insatiable conquests. During this time, the Dominion halted their advances, creating an uneasy peace for some time.

In 968, the Shadow Wars began, marked by a violent invasion of the forest kingdoms of Orglen by the Dominion. As the reclusive forest nations had no desire to involve other kingdoms in the struggle, the battles were largely fought in secret, something the Dominion took full advantage of. However, by 986, due to the assistance of the other kingdoms of the Free Lands as well as the nations surrounding Sufessia, the Dominion had been mostly driven back from the forests, and in 988, a truce was organized. It's often argued that despite the superior numbers and resources of the Dominion, their loss was inevitable due to their lack of familiarity in forest environments.

Since the Shadow Wars, the Dominion has laid mostly dormant, remaining silent and closed off to the world, but making no obviously aggressive moves. Those with long memories do not expect the peace to last.

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