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Ryla Mulaweyrn is a powerful elven wizard of the Council of Dreamers that resides in Hymathel. She is a respected voice in the city, and acted as a sort of motherly figure to Yoxxel in her parents' absences. She is strict but dependable.


Ryla has long, flowing light-brown hair and long pointy ears. She stands relatively tall and wears muted green and purple robes. A gemmed circlet adorns her forehead, and she wields an intricate staff with a purple gem at its head. She is missing her right arm.

Ryla is authoritative and strict, but is also caring and motherly. She carries herself with confidence, but remains keenly aware of her capabilities as well as others. She is a generally serious person, and has a strong memory of those who are impolite or irritating.

Skills and Abilities

Ryla is an extremely powerful wizard. During the battle against the Bottle Demon, Ryla was single-handedly capable of holding back an entire army of demons from flooding the temple, although she lost her arm in the process.

Alongside a vast knowledge of general spells, Ryla has displayed the ability to cast specialized incantations, including:

  • An augmented Haste that allows affected individuals to cast two spells in a round
  • A tessellating barrier spell that is capable of encompassing a large area 



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