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Xawelyn, also known as the Broken Dream, the Endless Dark, or the Devourer, is a major god in Hazeron. She is a god of darkness, contempt, and subjugation. Her symbol is commonly depicted as hands grasping upwards from a dark pit, sometimes holding various objects. She was once a terribly powerful goddess that led armies of drow across the realms, but was sealed away by Erudia.



Xawelyn has been described as beautiful by some, and horrifying by others. While some depictions show her as a beautiful drow woman with long hair extending below her feet, others show her as a writhing mass of arms extending from a void of darkness.


Xawelyn was a lawful evil god, believing that power should belong to those of strong mind. She encouraged the enslavement of the weak, and delighted in the torture of others. She was particularly fond of aiding the drow in their conquest of the surface world.


Xawelyn was primarily worshiped by the drow, alongside other creatures of the dark and the Under, and often still is. Those with cruel intentions may offer prayers to her in secret.

Xawelyn viewed those who did not worship her as weak and stupid, and sought their enslavement.


In a time forgotten, Xawelyn once attempted to hold dominion over Hazeron, leading her followers to subjugate civilizations across the world. A contingent of gods led by Onyr and Tyrix led a crusade against the powerful goddess, but were beat into submission. Xawelyn was eventually sealed away by the light of Erudia, who ended her conquest in a rare show of power.

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