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Our story takes place primarily in the city of Terre du Reve- said to mean Dream Land in a long lost language. It’s an apt name for many of it’s citizens - said to be a place where dreams (or in some cases, nightmares) come true. The city is run by a group of four mysterious individuals known as the Dream Lords with the help of their High Council. They rule the city out of the magnificent Villa of Visions - a massive piece of stone and marble architecture. Terre du Reve has many attractions and notable locations. These range from it’s beautiful churches (such as the Chantry of the Dawn and the Platinum Palace) to it’s fantastical shops (like Covenant Jewels or Sprites Spirits). Of all it’s attractions, however, none stands out more than the Guild of Mellonia. It’s name meaning “Speak Friend and Enter.” This spirit of friendship shines in the Guild Members actions - people come to the guild for various reasons. Some come to learn, some come for adventure, others to escape a dangerous past - however no matter the reason in the Guild they find a home, a group of friends dedicated to helping the people of Terre du Reve and the greater world of Ciruth Ungol. The guild, despite it’s relatively young existence, has already made a name for itself fighting off Hydra’s in the streets and Devils in the sewers - it’s become the place where people turn to when help is needed.


This story only grows with the help of all of YOU adventurers! You can find out more about all the fantastical locations, characters, and quests in our city and our world by checking out the different Kanka Tabs! Also - you are encouraged to make your own mark and create your own additions to the story through quest reports and the creation of rumors in the journal section!

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