1. Journals

Chaucer Reunion




We spend the morning at the cathedral of Pelor religious services. The Royal family are present as well as many of the noble families. The King invites the attendees to a light breakfast afterwards, and we enjoy pastries and coffee. 

We then teleport to Southspire, and Codex spends time shopping for Rhogar’s upcoming birthday while Berdyn visits Gaela.  We also pick up Gavin Chaucer – we plan to bring him to Everlife to meet up with his nephew Tristan.

We learn that one of the remaining survivors of the Elder Brain, Sakini – is likely from the Southern Kingdom. She entered into a rift that brought her out near the Colliseum – the rift was found in a wild magic zone in the Southern Kingdom, the result of some sort of event in a distant past. Possibly the war between the Kingdom of the Sun and the Kingdom of the Tiger. 

We discussed the danger of such a rift. Would it be a way for an invading force to get access? Codex makes a point – “The Underdark would find an invading army delicious.”

We purchase a staff of striking from the Runecaster’s tower, a worthy gift for Rhogar. 

We stop by Burningarm Books, and pick up a few volumes on the citadel and some primers on werecreatures. 

We then teleport to Everlife, and reunite the Chaucers. Baron Michael lets us know that people are settling in for the cold winter. 

We return to Kingston and rest – Codex asks Jynx via sending stone if she wanted to come with him to Rhogar’s birthday, or send a message.  The answer is a one word and very definatative “Nope”. 

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