1. Journals

The City of Doors




We find out that Arkzer and Dura are cleared from The Elder Brain influence and ready to go, we will speak to them today at Southspire.  We will also be going to Sigil, with Ydirra's assistance, and taking Arkzer with us. 

We teleport to Southspire, where Ydirra is waiting for us.  We talk to her about Sigil, she lets us know the key she handed us is a round trip, and not to misplace it. 

We head to the High Marshall Jendelle Coldtale and then to the holding space. We speak to Dura and find out a bit about Xiammantoneldrym's lair – the slaves he have are from all walks of life, taken for a specific purpose.  Codex has an approximate location from the Colisseum to Anton’s lair, very approximate. 

We then speak to Arkzer, and arrange to take her to the small village outside of Southspire and an empty door. 

We go through and enter into the Hall of Information. Arkzer makes her leave and we head to the two women, a human and a Storm Giant, that head the Hall of Information

They tell us that the guides, known as “Touts” are outside the Hall and available to hire.  We are informed that a public execution is taking place today, which is a rare an unusual occurrence. 

We head outside and behold Sigil.  It is overwhelming, a Torus of a city, with city on the walls and ceiling.  It is a beautiful nightmare.  

The Touts are all children from age 12-16. The Lightbringers are even younger kids, 5-12, sort of like proto Touts. 

We hire Shiv, a half orc about 15 years old, one of the Touts, and through him a pair of Lightbringers, as it can often get fully dark in the “Cage” (the slang name for Sigil).  We also hire a “Chair” essentially a palanquin for getting us around, carried by a group of orcs. 

Codex watches part of the execution using Arcane Eye. A giant white worm surrounding a tree is slowly eating a person that Codex doesn’t recognize, it seems that most of the city is there cheering on. When he dies the The Lady of Pain appears, and then disappears. 

We reach the Bazaar and meet with Destin Acquisitioner. We discuss options for a Spelljammer, and he recommends Astral Skies, a Shipwright. It is owned and operated by a group of creatures known as Auto-Gnomes, a race of constructs that were built by Rock Gnomes and look like mechanical Gnomes. 

We head to the Astral Skies and speak to Glass, an AutoGnome.  He takes us to another plane where they have their shipyard of Spelljammerto pick from.  There are many options. 

We take the time to consider which one we want to buy. In the end, we decide upon the Shrike, with some adjustments to the interior to add more cabins and move the kitchen. We christen it the Northern Squall

We go to the night market. There are a bunch of strange tents and stalls. We do some shopping, buying diamonds, wine, snails and magic items. 

We head to a store called “Vague Memories”.  There We find out the name of our plane of existence – Sarethia. We then find out that Crown Prince Isabel had two memories she sold, and we can buy them, but it will cost memories of our own.

After discussion, Maud and Codex give up our memories of the Sigil sequence of Anton’s lair.  The proprietor warns us that we might never be able to learn the Sigil sequence ever again.  We make the exchange. 

We now have Queen Isabel’s memories. There are two – one of her arguing with her twin brother, and one of her talking to a half-orc, dwarf, and a man. It is one use only, so we hold onto them for King Morys eyes. 

We then get matching tattoos from a Tabaxi named Trevor. Trevor works in Illicit Spells. Codex is pleased at the tattoos.

We then go to the Minataur’s Apocathery. The minataur sells us attuned rods to the planes of existence. These are the Beastlands, the Nine Hells, and the Outlands. 

Then we visit Ydirra, the keeper of keys to the Lady of Pain. She directs us back to the Hall of Information, where we cand find a door to our Plane of existence.

There we meet Gilda Ogden, of the Planar Observers. She lets us know that we have to head to the planar registry, and there we meet an ooze person. 

She tells us that the Diseragur Portal will take us to The Gate Town Excelcior (Celestia), which is in the Outlands. Specifically a wine shop in Excelcior. We need to go to a specific house in Deseragar – number 12 West Street, upper story bathroom, need to use the code word “WaterfalL”

The other Portal is in the Basement of Pelor Temple, Blood key needed (Blood of Alegan line), will take you directly to Sigil, in the Main Square. It is a one way trip.

The final one that is marked as safe is in Thanehold. 

We find out that there are portals in the Southern Kingdoms, one of which is in the Tiger’s Den, the capital of the Kingdom of the Tiger. 

There is a portal from Sigil to the Gatetown of Excelcior and back. Through Triona (a monument) in the Clerk’s Ward. There are three portals through Triona, you need to use the correct portal (they are labelled) and a piece of Amber carved in the shape of Epona’s eye. There is another route through the Mortuary in the Lower Ward.

We use the Key to return to outside Southspire. 

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