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18 Month Status Report

Crossing the 10'000 users, 150 patreons, and coming close to 500 Discord users.
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As the moon and sun cross paths once again it marks the beginning of the annual total Eclipse. The Mega-Kingdom Ashgate sits as one of the few bastions of civilization against the outside world. Majority of gods have abandoned the realm for unknown reasons taking with them the luxuries of easily accessible resources, such as clean water and fertile soil. Leaving the realm's inhabitants with little divine magic outside the church of Zarus and a handful of other gods. Beings of the material plane are now forced to invest into ulterior forms of healing like Herbalism and Alchemy. Non-divine casters such as Wizards and Bards get their magic from other sources, but not without consequence due to these forms of magic's new founding. Magical burnout affects those who siphon from the weave abruptly, causing chaotic backlash that can range from self harm, crippling afflictions or divine boons.