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Alternatively known as Only a Kobold, A Short Month follows a month in the life of a recently unemployed Kobold servant named Bel Kuko whose ordinary existence in the lower echelons of society in The Grand City of Mor'Koc becomes increasingly and inexplicably strange and confusing.

The ever repeating month ends with the appearance of Unknown and the destruction of The Grand City of Mor'Koc.

This campaign sees Bel Kuko seek out the source of a time-loop inducing artefact under the influence of the God's plans. She does this by working along side Grand Order of Wizards, The Adventurer's Guild, Clerics of the Imperial Planning Department and the Soul Mages of The Grand City of Mor'Koc.

Chronologically it follows Tir & Nox and is followed by Cursed Waters.

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Created by Southrufus 2 years ago. Last modified by Sam Perkins 11 months ago

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