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Recent History
Since the Nagi Holocaust between 2A 5871 and 2A 5882, Manzil have largely refused to help or even interact with other nations. 
General Description
Manzil’s colossal land area is divided roughly into thirds: Upper Manzil sits on the Sea of Green, and is mountainous towards the east turning into lightly forested grassland as it sweeps towards the ocean in the west, and in the north it turns to rocky pine forests as it heads towards the border with Na'Ka'Ve and into the Arctic Circle. Middle Manzil sits in the Old World and is mostly forested marshland along the River Mor, but towards the west it once again becomes mountainous as it sweeps across the mountains that were the former home of the Dwarves. Lower Manzil is on the western edge of the Southlands and is largely semi-tropical turning arid desert as it heads inland.

Manzil is an extremely strict despotic communist dictatorship currently headed by High Priestess and Supreme Leader Arboc Horemheb, who rules the nation with an iron fist via her cult of personality. Her regime forcibly purges society of what she sees as threats to herself and her brand of communism (so-called "enemies of the people"), which includes political dissidents, the bourgeoisie, and those of the working class who demonstrated "terrorist" (non-Manzili, but particularly Imperial) sympathies. This results in mass repression of such people as well as their families, including mass arrests, show trials, executions, and imprisonment in forced labour camps. The nation also makes a point of being aggressive towards those who defect or emigrate and of attempting to prove their superiority over every other major power on Orth. Their current capital city is Copperhead in Upper Manzil.

Military Prowess
Manzil's military invented gunpowder, Grenades and the cannon, and are currently the only place to use such weapons. Adderton is their military complex, and the nation's military prowess is estimated to possibly be roughly equal to that of the Empire.
Daemonic Portal
Within the captured Dwarven city of Veg Darul in a dark underground cavern exists the epitome of Jak’ra’s chaotic energy. A portal which splits apart time and space to join the realm of daemons with Orth. Legend states the portal was opened with a mountain of Cubic Zirconium due to a shortage of Diamonds in the country.
Troll Empire
Manzil has been antagonistic towards the Empire since the Holocaust, but have refused to directly attack them for a variety of reasons. For one, Manzil's people are not behind an attack, as much as they dislike the Empire. Distrust in the leadership of the increasingly unstable Priestess Arboc is another major reason, with even the Angels starting to doubt her ability to lead. Finally, uncertainty of the strength of the Empire’s army curbs any further thoughts in that direction, this leading to them going through more subtle means to weaken the Empire such an annexing hard to defend areas of land, the best example being the former Dwarven Kingdom. Their antagonism stems from Trollish insurgents being the cause of the Holocaust and the Empire and the Dwarves' attempts to liberate the city of Theuban resulted in its complete destruction and the deaths of thousands of Nagi. The two nations are currently engaged in a longstanding cold war fought purely via espionage and one-upmanship. 
Manzil’s thoughts towards Tír are not positive on the whole, however they are more tolerant than their view towards the Empire due to the Tíran Royal Army at least attempting to assist with the fallout of the destruction of Theuban, a long running international crisis known as the Theuban Affair. 
The New Republic of Bēti is Manzil’s only real ally, and the two have a very lucrative trading partnership. Bēti buys chocolate and coffee from Manzil, then sells it to the Empire. This has resulted in both of these products being incredibly expensive in the Empire due to import costs and thus only available for the extremely wealthy. In return, Manzil buys sugar and alchemical ingredients from Bēti, and this results in them both profiting greatly. 
Distrust of Outsiders
Manzil is incredibly isolationist, and they especially dislike the Trolls, blaming them for the deaths of nearly half their race and the destruction of their original capital of Theuban. Non-Nagi or Angel visitors to Manzil can expect to get pelted with abuse, refused service or even assaulted and mugged. 
The Draugr are creations of the Nagi, flesh golems created from dead bodies and powered by a large crystal in their chest replacing their heart. They do retain the basic instincts and some of the memories of their former selves, which makes them very distinct from Undead and makes them incredibly hard to control; for this reason in combat situations the Nagi are reluctant to use them, even though they have entire armies of them prepared in case of war and ready to be activated as a final secret weapon. 

Regions, Towns and Villages

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