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Nationalistic Military


The Order of the Holy Knights, or more simply, the Holy Knight Order, is the national military of Gadencia. They represent the unity and strength of the Gadencian people, and enact both martial might and magic to protect their nation.

They are well-noted for being proficient spellcasters, yet still having a high makeup of Paladins and Fighters. In addition, they are incredibly well-trained, using religion as a driving factor behind their unification and might.

Tips for using the Holy Knight Order in your session:

  • A lot of the Holy Knight Order is actually made up of Adventurers, both retired and not. Many are incredibly strong, and have a deep respect for Gadencia and magic as a whole.
  • The Holy Knight Order is considered one of the strongest militarist groups on Kagrea, not including Ur and Giebichen.
  • Your typical Holy Knight will generally cit around a CR 4 encounter (a group of Level 4 Adventurers can take one out with medium difficulty). However, this is just the average, as an officer can be as strong as CR 7, and the current Captain of the Holy Knights, Freth Charmant, is CR 12.
  • Holy Knights are generally Paladins, Clerics, or Fighters. A low but notable percent are Barbarians. In addition, a lot of the higher-ranked Holy Knights tend to multiclass, with Paladin-Bard being a well-known combo.
  • If the Merais Unit is the fantasy SWAT team, the Holy Knight Order are the sleeping giants in the distance.

Abilities and Equipment:

  • The vast majority of the Holy Knight Order will be equipped with full plate mail. Officers, commanders, and the like will generally have enhanced armor, usually around +1 with a +1 shield, whereas generals may even have +2 armor.
    • Enhanced swords are common in Gadencia, so a good majority of martial fighters will have +1 weapons. +1 spellcasting foci are mostly uncommon, with a majority of Gadencian mages preferring wands with more unique effects.
  • Essentially all Holy Knights have access to magic, with the rarest subsection (the Barbarians) still having access to some, albeit a few, spells.

We Are Important!:

  • The Holy Knight Order should not be send out for small-scale disturbances.
  • This is a military force! Not a police force.
  • Bang bang, this is the sound of the military.

Becoming a Holy Knight:

  • To become a Holy Knight, you need to meet the following prerequisites:
    • A recommendation from a current member of the Holy Knight Order.
    • Fulfill a test to determine your skill level in order to assure you're a suitable person to join the Order. This test differs from officer to officer.
    • You must be knighted in Gadencia, which is a task that comes after completion of the test.

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