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The Nation of Zyraitix, also known as the Civitatem Machina, is a nation situated against the west embankment between the Kingdom of Gadencia and the Kingdom of Imperium.

Known For...

  • Being the most technologically advanced country in the world, surpassing even Oligarchy of Accord, United Federation of Slecrotor, and the Kingdom of Imperium's innovations.
  • Largely being anti-magic, with less than 0.1% of Zyraitix's population being able to command magical energy.
  • Its governance running as a heavy-handed surveilant state, with little autonomy in its populous, focusing more on the collective whole.


Zyraitix rules as a monarchy with direct democracy. While the king and queen both share many powers within the country (particularly grant efforts and trade), the citizens vote each individually vote for new laws.

Because of this, there is no representative system in Zyraitix. Each citizen votes using an online poll or, if they're a nasod, connecting to the Autonomous Database through a microchip implanted in the hippocampus.

The King is directly elected by the Queen of Zyraitix to share power as she manages the nation. A small group of able-bodied nasods meet in front of the Matriarchal Building in order to receive their nominations. The Queen herself is chosen by the Will of Code, the remnants of an ancient AI who was born near the beginning of the world.

Uniquely, there are no titles for members of the monarchy, and they are generally addressed by their given names.

Eve, the 3rd Queen of Zyraitix, Council Member, Gold-Heron Tek Adventurer (Hunt).

Cyphirin, the 9th King of Zyraitix.


As per the 3131 AD Virtual Census, the total residents of the Nation of Zyraitix total to be around 1,298,375 citizens.

Since populations are rounded down, races below 1% on the chart are not shown.

Name Percentage
Half-Nasods 23%
Nasods 21%
Humans 20%
Servos 17%
Warforged 16%
Aarakocra 2%
Tiefling 1%


Zyraitix's economy is primarily focused on spreading technological luxuries to the other common countries. An example of goods they've largely exported into other lands include: refrigerators, television, microwaves, telephones, street lights, and many other innovations.

Since a lot of countries lack a steady supply of magia crystals, Zyraitix's technology is generally preferred to those produced by Gadencia, as they are powered through electricity rather than magical energy.

Beyond that, Zyraitix also produces a wide variety of products. As a socialist society which evolved as a natural evolution from a capitalist one, there is no shortage of recreational cereals, drinks, restaurants, among other businesses (both large and small).


Passed down from king to king, an ancient story detailing the birth of Zyraitix goes as follows:

For thousands of years, peace was found between the Nasods and their Deictic Overlords, until a catastrophic battle unfolded between the Nasods and the Human Dark.

Years passed, and Adam, the First King of Nasods, began his mission to destroy all of the Human Dark. Imperius wished for peace between the Human Dark and the Nasods, but in order to accomplish this, he would need to create a new type of being:


Imperius, the First of the Dead, found a way to end his life, and from his body humanity was born. Adam, at that point, had become corrupted—he was unable to acknowledge this new form of being, as his original soul had died long ago. In the midst of the war, it was instead a young white-haired boy that destroyed the last remnants of Adam on Asmion, and the Nasods began to die.

It was then a single fragment of life was breathed into a slumbering woman. A piece of the Etherfire, an impossible object said to grant any wish. As it encompassed her body, her eyes flew open, only to witness the last of her race crumble to their knees.

With access to the Network that connected all life, she quickly fixed the corruption the Nasod King left behind. She rebuilt the Network, and within the next few moments, the Nasods began to stand up once more.

"Empress, prithee giveth us thy nameth." Eingor asked, bowing before the intensity of the woman's aura.

"Calleth me Code, and bid thy cater-cousins this: those gents art free to liveth, those gents art free to breatheth. We shall undo this travesty, and asketh humanity for peace."

She stepped forward, placing her hand upon Eingor's head, and the world became a little brighter.

"I cometh with child, to which I henceforth name Eve. Protecteth her with thy liveth, for the lady shalt become the true queen."


The queen has the power to declare war; the king decides the terms of how war should be waged.

Zyraitix’s military forces are known to be highly technologically advanced; the nation has significant capabilities in both defense and power projection, resulting in advanced and powerful technologies. On the perimeters of their border are early warning systems. Any hacking attempts into their systems would be immediately counteracted, but their systems are entirely digital.

All military units have a designation letter and a designation number, respectively. Combat Nasods consists of the majority of the armed forces. Undercity Operatives are the second largest group unit that prune underwater creatures near Zyraitix’s foundation. Non-combat nasods who wish to serve in the military receive upgrades as a Production unit. They are engaged directly in the support system, performing intelligence tasks and relay information to both combat and undercity nasods and other military units. Other races are more than welcome to join the military.

Notable Cities

Arc, the Capital of Zyraitix. Nominally led by an elected mayor, the city is run by competing mega-corporations such as Vash Enterprises, the Zaibatsu Corporation, and Aztechnology. Arc relies on imports to support its heavily-urbanized populous, importing nearly 90% of their consumer goods. Many of the advanced technologies tested in Glitch find their way to the general public. Products such as nano-machine based wallpaper, flooring, and even underwear are available for purchase online.

Glitch, the proverbial testing ground for much of Zyraitix's advanced technology. Security, medical, and military technologies are tested en-mass on a semi-captive populace. While citizens are granted the opportunity to refuse, much of this testing is done through economic stimulus bills passed by the centrally-housed corporations such as Aztechnology, which directly translates into economic advantages given to those who go through with testing. These technologies are deployed en-mass in Glitch before being adopted elsewhere. State ethic committees handle the distribution of tests, although how much these committees are in the pockets of the bigger corporations are unknown.

Notable Mega-Corporations

Dragons don't live alone at the top of the food chain anymore. The day the Collapse ended, governments took a backseat to more powerful forces. Corporations became the architects of our awareness. Education, the news, even social media is filtered through outlets they control. The corporate agenda is transparent. The goal of every existing corporate structure is to make gold. They accomplish this goal well, and as a result, corporations influence Zyraitix more than any other type of employer a resident may encounter.

(The following corporations are sorted from the most powerful to the least.)

1. Zaibatsu Corportation

Corporate Slogan: "One Step Beyond"
Corporate Status:
AAA, private corporation

Corporate Focus: Media manipulation, Evolution technologies, Pharmaceuticals.

Zaibatsu is a mega corporation that owns, among other things, the White Knights and either owns or manipulates a number of media outlets such as The Augmented Eye. Many demonize Zaibatsu as the source of everything that's wrong and corrupt in Zyraitix, although Zaibatsu has also done beneficial work as well. For example they started the AI Integration Program, which has lead to countries around the world seeing the benefits of recognizing AI as citizens.

The medical branch of Zaibatsu has also made incredible advancements, with more and more diseases that were previously thought of as being incurable being treated every year. However, this medical technology is often only accessible to people who can afford it, and many lower to middle class citizens are left without treatment.

They are currently the #1 most powerful mega-corporation in Zyraitix, and are perhaps the leading benefactor in Evolution technology. In Zyraitix, they are the premier metahuman employer, leading to their establishment of the all-metahuman police force, Lone Star, a worldwide police force with headquarters in Arc. This is notable, because if you’re wanted by Lone Star in one part of the world, then that warrant extends globally. That is how far their political connections lie.

2. Vash

Corporate Slogan: "Advancing Life"
Corporate Status: AAA, public corporation

Corporate Focus: Lifestyle, Military, Pharmaceuticals.

Vash is the corporation every teenager wants to work for. Vash doesn't sell trends, they create them. You can bet that new trend has been crowdsourced, vetted, deconstructed, re-analyzed, and proofed before being foisted on the public as a spontaneous emergence.

A new company in the grand scheme of Zyraitix mega-conglomerate politics, Vash was born out of a desire to spread new technology to the masses at a cheaper, more affordable price. Much of their advertising it done in a way to make the business seem at odds, or perhaps a viable alternative, to Zaibatsu production. This explains their involvement in the pharmaceutical industry, and while their pricing is abhorrent, it is significantly less than their leading competitor, Zaibatsu (at least when medical insurance is concerned).

Beyond being trend-setters and competing against their more-established brethren, Vash is the world leader in combat applications. The rank-and-file of Vash security is Knight Errant, a subsidiary that is second only to Lone Star as a worldwide police force. This is notable, because if you’re wanted by the Knight Errant in one part of the world, then that warrant extends globally. That is how far their political connections lie.

This is the one avenue where Vash could go about improving their operation, as there is plenty of work to go around cleaning up their military branch's image. Rumors abound of other difficulties behind the scenes, including their longstanding battle with Aztechnlogy. The stories say they have explored many paths to ending their troubles. Some of their solutions may well be explosive.

3. Mitsuhama Computer Technologies

Corporate Slogan: "The Future, Brought to You by Mitsuhama"
Corporate Status: AAA, public corporation

Corporate Focus: Cars, Technology.

Mitsuhama is massive, efficient, and faithful to the Yonian Imperial State. Except that last one is not entirely true. No other company has done such a good job of hiding the truth of what goes on inside their boardrooms. It is a credit to the Yonian way of business that the company has stayed so steadfast and silent. However, since their rise to number one, the company has suffered from success fatigue and the lines of solidarity are beginning to fracture.

Each of the major shareholders has begun privately selling off stock holdings to unknown parties. Under normal circumstances, change is good. However, change at the top of the Big Ten tends to come with chaos. Despite their high-ranking presence in Zyraitix, many citizens are uncomfortable having a corporation under the leadership of a foreign CEO.

4. Aztechnology

Corporate Slogan: "For a Better Tomorrow"
Corporate Status: AAA, private corporation

Corporate Focus: Private population testing, Technology, Media manipulation.

Aztechnology relishes in population-testing, leading to their establishment of the young Zyraitix city Glitch. The corporation evolved from a collaboration of drug cartel leaders who were treated like folk heroes in their hometowns. Aztechnology is a way of life. When the company’s beliefs shift, the beliefs of a nation shift with it. This folk-hero mythos makes Aztechnology extremely dangerous on their home turf.

Outside of Zyraitix, the company works to build that type of public support with the people and cities with which it interacts. Yet, behind the façade, Aztechnology is dedicated to two things: growing its brand and expanding its land. It was this fact that led them to butting heads with Vash, after a disagreement over the expansion into Avel Caelora. This disagreement was not ended with flowers, but with violence, an act which some are still grumbly about today.

5. Saedar

Corporate Slogan: "We Are You"
Corporate Status: AAA, public corporation

Corporate Focus: Nuclear power.

Perhaps the oldest recognized mega-corporation, Saedar suffers from the failure of notoriety. The company’s energy production and manufacturing divisions are household names. However, the company’s other named divisions traditionally underperform when given the Saedar label.

People still don't expect the company running the power plant to be named after the one serving them store-packaged burritos. Disconnected branding led to the company lingering near the bottom of the top ten for years.

It is for this reason (among others) that Saedar has grown less complacent as of late. With Zaibatsu stealing their #1 spot, the mega-corporate audit dropping their ranking significantly, and the rise of the newly-founded Vash, Saedar's business tactics have grown a lot more aggressive.

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