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The Final Empire, also known as Shaltia, is an imperial magistrate controlled by the military overseer and dictator of its western-most province. Its one of the largest nations, with roots in both Kagreth and Siré.

On Kagreth, the Empire borders the Kingdom of Shuria to the north, the Sovereignty of Accord to the west, and the Nation of Sollabring to the south. On Siré, it exclusively borders Ur.

Known For...

  • Controlling the most land of any kingdom on the continent of Kagreth.
  • Maintaining the largest army in both Kagreth and Siré.
  • Having the largest weapon production market of any nation in Kagreth, although they do not export their products outside the Empire.


The Final Empire is a nation exclusively ruled by the Final Emperor, Arkathian Shalt. It functions as an authoritarian regime with religious extremity, and the Final Emperor depending on the situation rules as both an absolute monarch and dictator.

There is no freedom of speech in the Final Empire, nor are traditional rights upheld within its borders. It also has the longest and strangest legal codes out of any developed nation.

King Arkathian Shalt, the 132nd Emperor of Shaltia, Council Member, Three-Heron Blacklist Adventurer.

Arkathian Shalt has been given the title of "Final Emperor" as he has ruled the Final Empire for a consecutive nine-hundred and thirty years.


As of the 3131 AD national census, the total residents of the Final Empire total around 739,510 citizens and 530,857 slaves.

Since populations are rounded down, races below 1% on the chart are not shown. In addition, while a large chunk of the population is Warforged, since they lack sentience, they are also not shown on the chart.

Name Percentage
Humans 30%
Tieflings 29%
Elves 12%
Locathah 11%
Vedalken 9%
Changeling 5%
Drow 3%
Aasimar 1%

The Final Empire's fashion resembles their materialistic ideology. Most of the population do not own clothes for personal outings, only wearing clothes from their trade and jobs.


The Final Empire makes most of its money through slave labor, with a vast majority of the Empire's vast land existing as empirical land. Owned directly by the monarchy, these areas are exclusively used to produce raw materials like ore and food.

Slave death is common in the Final Empire, complete with low wages and hazardous working conditions (after all, a slave mine can operate with dying workers). The minuscule wages, combined the Final Empire's position near the center of Kagreth and the untapped veins of Siré, have made it extremely profitable.

In addition, the Final Empire spends nearly fifty-percent of all of its income on military.


From the split of Aprahgadencia, the Final Empire was born as an answer to the eternal question which plagued ancient historians for centuries: "What is the final form of governance?"

The Final Empire submitted its answer with an iron fist, military rule, and law by act of fear.

Some laws in the Final Empire are as follows:

• Saluting to someone one rank below you or requesting a salute is extremely disrespectful.
• Every single time you salute, it is the equivalent of offering up part of your soul.
• Writing with your right hand is seen as very informal, and generally one only writes ledgers with their right hand in the presence of a lover.
• Carrying more than 200 primitives is a grave offense of the law.
• Overpaying is a arrestable offense.
• Holding someone else's Book of Law can get you executed.
• Books of Law are engraved with magic, naming you in the book permanently.
• A bronze porcelain elephant is used often as a way to summon a calling girl into your chambers at less reputable inns. High inns will use gold elephants.
• A porcelain tiger is a way to show affection, and can generally be used to start a relationship with someone. The tier of pence the tiger is made of is equal to the love you currently feel for them.
• Lying about your identity is punishable by death.
• If a Head Captain or higher approaches you, and you are not of equal rank or higher, you must hold your hand in a fist by your heart. If you do not, you can be fined at minimum and sent to the gallows at maximum.
• Discussing the laws is okay, as long as you are seeking to strengthen them or increase their effectiveness. Arguing about the severity of laws and seeking to downgrade them is punishable by death.
• Wielding a power weapon without being of First Decimator or higher is punishable by death.
• Selling information is punishable by up to five years in prison.
• Attempting to undercut a transaction will cost you double the price of that transaction.
• Public whippings are common if you are out past the global curfew.
• Submitting incorrect ledgers is punishable by up to ten years in prison.
• Presenting an incorrect ID number, even by accident, is punishable by up to five years in prison.
• Unsanctioned celebration is punishable by up to three years in prison.
• Attempting to auction off any goods in the "List of Archaism" is punishable by death.
• Speaking ill of the Great Emperor is punishable by death and imprisonment of any individuals who do not immediately reprimand you.
• Entering a noble bathhouse without proper rank is punishable by up to twenty years in prison.
• Offering services of a sexual nature without being employed by an inn is punishable by death.
• Meeting with a Shurian is punishable by death.
• Worship of any lesser deities is punishable by death.
• Mention of "Athena" or the Sanctums is punishable by death.
• Grand treason can be modified at will to adapt to the situation.
• Dignity must be shown in arrest, or it will be upgraded to death by gallows.
• Requesting a gallow death will result in the individual receiving a gallow death.
• Eating noble food on days that do not equate celebration or in areas not sanctioned by a noble is punishable by up to five years in prison.
• Drinks cannot be mixed by gender. Female drinks and male drinks must be kept separately. Any inn, by accident or on purpose, breaking this rule will be shut down and fined.
• Running away from the law immediately upgrades the punishment to death by gallows.
• Humans must hide their face from High Nobles if the High Nobles are wearing purple. Non-humans must grovel.
• If the High Noble requests it while wearing purple, the humans must also grovel.
• Having children that are not admitted by the Center of Law is punishable by forced separation and forced military recruitment of the child in question.


The Final Empire's military is expansive, vast, and nearly unstoppable. Nearly sixty-percent of the population in involved in the military in some way. Many soldiers are conscripted, others are forced into the battlefield against their will, and many more are non-sentient Warforged.

Funneling vast amounts of wealth into the military has given the Final Empire a nearly incontestable arsenal of weapons, including the Chain Axe, a behemoth-sized weapon measuring over fifteen-feet long and weighing several tons. These are the weapon of choice for the Final Empire's Decimators.

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