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At various moments, you'll see the mention of some features needing a boosted campaign. This is the way we monetise Kanka to allow us to pay for the servers and continuously work on adding new features and fixing bugs.


How to get campaign boosters

Our various subscription levels give you access to campaign boosters. This number is a fixed value you have at your disposal. As long as you are a subscriber, you have that number of boosters. Then if you decide to cancel your subscription, your booster count will go back down to 0, and your boosted campaigns will go back to their default unboosted state.

Boosting a campaign

There are two ways to boost a campaign. The first way is to open your campaign and click on World. If the campaign isn't boosted, a pink button at the top of the page called Boost campaign will appear. Another option is to go to your profile settings and to the boosts page, where you'll be able to boost a campaign you are a part of.


Boosting a campaign will assign one of your available boosters to it. Superboosting assigns three boosters, unlocking more features. The boost or boosts will stay assigned to that campaign until you manually unboost the campaign, or are no longer a subscriber to Kanka. 

If you have a boosted campaign and which to superboost it, you can do so from this interface, provided you have enough available boosts.

Boosted Entities

A boosted campaign provides the following options to entities within the campaign.

Larger image uploads

All members of a boosted campaign can upload larger images to entities. 

Boosted tab

When creating or updating an entity, the Boost tab will be available. This allows filling the following fields.

  • Tooltip: rather than having Kanka generate a tooltip when hovering an entity based on the entity's entry, you can provide a custom tooltip.
  • Header image: this option image is displayed on the entity's pages in the header.
  • Superboosted campaigns
    • Header gallery: instead of uploading a header image, select one from the campaign's gallery.
    • Gallery image: instead of uploading an image to the entity, select one from the campaign's gallery.

Entity aliases

On the Assets page of an entity, members can add aliases to an entity. This is used for mentions and the global search.

More entity files

Still on the assets page of an entity, the number of files uploaded increases to 5 for a boosted campaign, and 10 for a superboosted campaign. These files can also be larger, following the same filesize restrictions as images.

Visual relations

On the Connections page of an entity, a visual web of the entity's relations will display instead of a table. This behaviour can be changed in the campaign's settings.

Change logs

When viewing an entity, at the bottom of the page, the entity logs popup will include a change log for up to 30 days.

Campaign features

The following features are unlocked for boosted and superboosted campaigns.

Custom styling with CSS

Want to customise the look of your campaign and know some CSS? A boosted campaign allows just that. Access this interface in  WORLD and then Theming.

Marketplace plugins

A boosted campaign allows it to install plugins from the MarketplaceAccess this interface in  WORLD and then Plugins.

Entity recovery

Accidentally deleted an entity? No worries, you can now recover deleted entities for up to 30 days. Access this interface in WORLD and then Recovery.

Superboosted campaigns get access to a campaign gallery, accessible in the sidebar at the end under Gallery.

Unboosting a campaign

To unboost a campaign, go to your profile's boost page. From there, a list of your boosted campaigns are shown. Click the Unboost button to stop boosting the campaign.


Any fields or features used while the campaign was boosted or superboosted will still be there, but not available. So if you choose to boost the campaign again in the future, the data will be there again.

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