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  1. Locations


Large City


The large city where the king resides. There is a large amount of trade within the city and a heavy task force that protects the castle. 


  • Approximately 32000; mixed


  • Jortha is governed by a the King

Notable Places:

  • A tall menhir of crystal, which floats several inches above the ground.
  • King's Courthouse: A grand timber and brick building, filled with busy magistrates and advocates.

Bright Market

Charger's Ward

Notable Places:

Crown Ward

Notable Places:

  • The Lightning Ale: A neglected dwarven tavern, within which time seems to pass more slowly.

Gate Market

Goldengate Ward

Notable Places:

  • Cat's Eye: A neglected jeweler's shop workshop, decorated with sinister pewter faeries.
  • A ruined tower of blackened stone walls

Grove Village

Notable Places:

  • Wound Up Clocks: The workshop of a female elf clockmaker named Mira, who leads both the Clockmakers and Trapwrights Guilds.
  • The Wench's Blade: A neglected adventurer's tavern, said to be built atop a haunted catacombs.
  • The Guardhouse: A strong building of stone walls, headquarters of the town guard. A bronze statue of a goddess of generosity stands in front of the building.

Har District

Notable Places:

Hound's Village

Notable Places:

  • The Halls: A grand building of half-timbered walls, once an aristocrat's manor. It contains a large meeting hall and several smaller rooms, and is shared amongst several local merchant guilds.
  • Bora's Armaments: The workshop of a male elf weaponsmith named Bora, known for his poisoned daggers.
  • The Shrine of Nye: A stone niche enshrining an idol of Unknown, Goddess of Modesty, said to be sometimes visited by the goddess herself.

Hera Market

Jethill Farthing

Notable Places:

  • Smithy: A large blacksmith's workshop, built within the walls of an old iron tower.
  • The Asylum: A two-storey building of half-timbered walls, filled with the madmen and lunatics of the town.
  • A menhir of dark stone, placed to honor Lord Prada.

Night's Market

Lamp District

Notable Places:

  • The Greedy Jester: A fanciful commoner's inn, said to be a front for the Thieves' Guild.
  • The House of Shadows: A grand timber and brick theatre, said to be built upon the ground where a sidhe noble was betrayed and murdered.
  • The Tradehalll: A large timber and brick building, decorated with stained glass windows. It contains a large meeting hall and several smaller rooms, and is shared amongst several local trade guilds.

Lion's Ward

Notable Places:

  • The Cloister of Death: An open courtyard surrounded by an arcade of weathered stone. It is said that anyone who sees a ghost within the cloister will die before the next dawn.
  • Sicka's Flowers: The workshop of a female elf herbologist named Sicka

Merchant's Farthing

Notable Places:

  • A spire of polished stone, said to be the key to a planar gate.
  • The King and Axe: An elegant adventurer's inn, kept by a retired adventurer named Trada.
  • The Lightning Tree: This tall tree seems to be struck by lightning in every storm, and its bark bears countless intricate burn scars. Within the tree is a small herbology shop.

Druid's Village

Notable Places:

  • Draha's Masonry: A large stonemason's workshop, hewn from a single massive outcrop of rock.
  • Lata's Wishes: The workshop of a female elf woodcarver named Lata, known for her ornately carved and decorated wooden shields and magic items.

Slatepool Village

Notable Places:

  • The ruins of Tiko Keep.
  • An ancient arch of rune-carved stone, placed to mark the Unknown.

Upper Dragon's Ward

Notable Places:

  • The Trickery: A mysterious shop of arcane curiosities and wondrous items, which only appears to those who have particular need of it.
  • The Crossed Hammers: A large dwarven runic tattoo shop

Upper Hydra's District

Notable Places:

  • The ruins of a seven-sided tower, said to lie atop a dungeon filled with long-forgotten treasures from the previous king.
  • The Temple of Virtue, Saviors of the Domain: An ornate terraced building, decorated with carved friezes and glazed-tile mosaics.

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