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Outfit System

An outfit system is an attempt to make clothing more accessible and advanced, while not making it it too arbitrary or strict. This system is designed(based on other systems out there but made to fit Ylvestra) to allow the player to decide what they might find in clothing stores. The DM might set certain limits of sizes and lifestyles available.

Properties of Clothes


Depending on your size, your clothes use differing amounts of material to make. You will usually pay less as a small or tiny creature compared to a medium sized creature. And clothes found as loot or such can easily be of a size not comfortable to you. A piece of clothing can be tailored to fit you as long as it is at most one size larger than you are(large size clothes can be tailored to a medium size, and medium size clothes can be tailored to a small size).

TinyBase Price * 0.25
SmallBase Price * 0.50
MediumBase Price * 1
LargeBase Price * 2
HugeBase Price * 4
GargantuanBase Price * 8 (could be more, up to the DM)

Lifestyle - Cost

Your clothes communicate your financial and social standing at a fairly quick glance. What you wear could be used to either persuade or deceive, it can also help communicate expectations of service and treatment.

Wretched - 0 Gp

Clothes of wretchequality do the bare minimum of covering privates, they are often worn to rags and smell horrendously bad. usually worn by those who find themselves of the farthest out fringes of social and economic standing.

Common Materials or Articles of clothing - Rags, rope belts, thrown out clothes usually ripped to shreds. Shoes are incredibly rare and usually damaged.

Squalid - 5 Sp

Clothes of squalid quality are often cheap clothes and are usually hand-me-downs from older siblings or sometimes parents. They cover most of the body but do not usually have anything of note to them. Worn by most people who are lowest working class, prisoners, and beggars.

Common Materials or Articles of clothing - Simple shirts and pants that are usually heavily damaged or ripped, rough textiles and cloth is common. Shoes are uncommon and usually damaged.

Poor - 1 Gp

Clothes of poor quality are often homemade and made in rough and uncomfortable materials. Travelers, merchants of lower class, and landless/unskilled workers often wear clothes of poor quality.

Common Materials or Articles of clothing - Simple shirts, pants, and skirts with repaired rips and tears, materials are still uncomfortable and rough, some may wear wools in poor condition. Shoes are uncommon.

Modest - 3 Gp

Clothes of modest quality are often well made but in more easily available materials. Servants, militia, lower clergy members, ordinary workers, and craftsmen wear clothes of modest quality.

Common Materials or Articles of clothing - Clothes are nicely kept, but not made of anything expensive, clergy members might wear robes and workers may have hats covering their face from the sun and gloves to work in.  Shoes are almost always worm, but the quality is bad.

Comfortable - 6 Gp

Clothes of comfortable quality often feature a couple well designed features in more expensive materials, such as fine furs. Generally gives off an impression of being well off but not necessarily wealthy. Professional workmen, artisans, business owners, adventurers, and clergy members wear clothes of comfortable quality.

Common Materials or Articles of clothing - Clothes well kept and clean, sometimes made out of nicer materials. A clergy member may have a symbol of their god embroidered onto their robes and a business owner might wear a cheaper fur across their shoulders.

Wealthy - 15 Gp

Clothes of wealthy quality often feature fine details and decorated articles of clothing made from quality material, they are usually designed for high status society. Great merchants, high status clergy members, high tier guild masters, great artisans, knigts in service of a wealthy master, and lesser nobles wear clothes of wealthy quality.

Common Materials or Articles of clothing - Clothes show off their status to others in their class, therefore they must often represent their wealth. A guild master might carry the crest of their guild as a patch on their vest, and nobles will carry their family crest. More expensive furs and expensive(sometimes rare) materials are used to make these clothes.

Aristocratic - 50 Gp

Clothes of aristocratic quality often boast handcrafted pieces of clothing made of expensive and rare materials, expensive gems may be embedded into dresses or collars. Nobles, royalty, political leaders, and overall the wealthiest people of society wear clothes of aristocratic quality.

Common Materials or Articles of clothing - Clothes made for aristocrats are of the finest quality, often heavily detailed and made of rare materials. Furs and jewelry are common clothing accessories, while not mandatory they do show off wealth better than most other things. White clothes are most common in this class to show off cleanliness, capes also appear fairly frequently.


An outfit often represent the culture of where it was made or designed. A noble from the western parts of Zedral might look very different from one from the eastern side, and so on. Materials easily located in one area might be sparse in another and their values might fluctuate, most people will understand by the quality of your clothes how well off you might be. But where you are there might be a surplus of leather and you might assume someone is richer than they are because leather is scarce where you come from.

Some areas of the world might have a very distinct clothing style, if so it will be described in the Region location under the Culture Section. 


Your outfit might represent a faction of which you are a member. It could be a uniform or a simple marking on your clothes. Some factions wear very specific clothes which are usually provided by whomever is in charge, and these clothes usually also carries something which determines rank within the organization. Examples of factions are; Militias, criminal gangs, tribes, guilds, nobles, and guards.

Weather Conditions

Your clothes might be more suited to certain weather or climates, a heavy jacket might be unsuited for traversing the great desert of Uhlmaan while being perfect for the cold winters of Mooerd. Having clothes made specifically for certain extreme weather conditions will usually add 25-35 Gp to the price of the clothes to compensate for certain craftsmanship or materials.

Armor Padding

This type of outfit is made to wear in combination with metallic medium and heavy armor. The outfit must be of poor or higher quality to function properly. This will usually increase the price of the outfit by 15-25 Gp to compensate for certain craftsmanship or materials.

Outfit Formatting

Outfit Name

[Size] [Lifestyle]Outfit: [Culture]; [Additional Properties]

[Description text]


Sheldhome Military Guardsman

Medium Modest Outfit: Sheldhome; Military, Soldier. 3 Gp

This outfit is made in green/brownish gostram wool, with a set of sandals and a headwrap. It is the standard uniform for a Sheldhome soldier and seems sturdy yet easy to move in.

Many leather straps hold the clothes up and there is a small pin of the Sheldhomecrest holding the headwrap together.

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