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Population Estimate: 58,000

Demographics: Mixed, dominant races include Humans, Half-Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Dragonborn, Tiefling.


Fleetfall boast large scale trade with most parts of the world, though the city mainly trades with nearby towns and hamlets. The cities main exports are the metals mined in the Berelis Peaks and Owilian Summit, lumber from the nearby woodlands, and crafts relating to woodworking and smithing. Their imports are largely based in food from nearby cities, other than food they import most goods and are eager to barter for exotic wares.

The history of Fleetfall is sadly one of many deaths, as the position between two large mines, and with direct access to drinkable water along the coast, makes it very lucrative for anyone with access to a decent army. 

Due to the almost constant shift in power, and often in the hands of warlords, the people of Fleetfall are split among old and new loyalties. Still, within this disharmony, most people get along on a personal level.



Seaside Parks

Western Gate

Southern Gates

The Colleges

The Homesend


King's Garden

Upper Class Civilian

Goldpouch Homes

Silverpouch Homes

Leemingway Affairs

Lower/Middle Class Civilian

Western Passage


Seaside Central

Seaside Strolls





Copperpouch Homes


Seaside Fort

Military Port

East Military Camp

Central Barracks

Royal Barracks

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