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A dragon, unleashed from its subterranean prison. A devil, colluded with. A city, overthrown.

This is the tale of a band of adventurers.


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A city-state created barely a millenium ago. This desert city sits upon the great river flowing through the desert.

Once the location of Tabuk, an ancient human city, Karn was built over top of Tabuk (quite literally). The dwarven clan, Karn, has ruled this place for over one thousands years with an iron fist.

Most recently a group, along with scores of black swords from the Avarice Isles. That day, coin claimed the leadership of Karn.

For the past 5 years, a council has ruled.

Prior to the council, the City-state of Karn was ruled by a single leader, the dictator Thoradin Karn.

After our heroes removed him during The End of Karn, they created a council to rule the city instead.

The council includes a head of the council, all of our heroes, representatives from various aspects of life in Karn, and (due to Cendis' deal with Berroven) an appointed seat by an Ice Devil.


The representative seats are voted upon by the citizens of Karn. These seats include: the People (to represent the commonfolk's interests), Industry (to represent business), Dissatisfied (to represent the old rebellion members), and Religious (to represent the interests of all religions that can now practice in Karn).

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