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Devils and Dragons

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  • Cendis 1 month ago

    Bio Cendis was first met inside the Temple of Garyx, it is so far unknown where he came from. It is clear he’s familiar with the temple. He is an anomaly. Clearly some kind of abomination on par with the Half-Elves. Perhaps blood magic, perhaps arca...

  • Shar 2 months ago

  • Ta'lil 2 months ago

  • Fe'lyxnaer 2 months ago

  • Lord Fezbin 2 months ago

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Recently modified Locations

  • Western Continent 1 month ago

    The focal point of the campaign. The Western Continent is home to the Karnnish desert and its dwarves, the innovations of Norrimar, and the landing site of the elves. The scars of humanity can still be seen about the land, the Red Sands, the tombs of...

  • Game World 1 month ago

    The world in which the game takes place (WIP and Name forthcoming)It is not an absolute truth, and represents only that of the known world. Invaders may arrive from beyond the edges of the explored world!

  • Stygia, the 5th Layer 1 month ago


  • Nine Hells 1 month ago

  • Darkepass 2 months ago

    A dark, canyon that slopes down from the plains to the Karnnish desert below. The path is wide enough for two carts abreast, but the deep shadows in the nooks and crannies and the singular main path provides the perfect opportunity for banditry.

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Recently modified Items

  • Blackrazor 3 months ago

    It is sheathed in a black scabbard decorated with pieces of cut obsidian. When held, it shines like the night sky filled with stars. Devour Souls Detect Life History

  • Cloak of Loyalty 3 months ago

    Requires Attunement +2 AC Gives disadvantage on saves vs spell and abilities that force actions against your will. Gives advantage on skill checks to aid another. History

  • Arcane Endower 3 months ago

    An arcane mark graces the user's face. The user may endow the knowledge of a cantrip to any creature with an INT of 3 or greater.To choose the spell the user must make an unmodified roll. If they fail, the cantrip is random (or DM chosen) instead.F...

  • Sabre of Spell-Stealing 3 months ago

    Advantage on Spell Saves while wielding it.Steals 1 spell. Dissipates based on level.ParryReactionIf attack with a weapon, make an attack roll. If your attack roll is greater than or equal to the attack roll made against you, the attacker now misses ...

  • Gauntlets of Righteouness 3 months ago

    Statistics/Abilities Requires Attunement - Good alignment and follower of Torm only. Beneficial Properties Movement speed increases by 10ft While attuned to the artifact, your STRength increases by 2, to a maximum of 24. Detrimental Properties Take 4...

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