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The world of Thalia revolves around the continents of Thaelia.

Inhabited by magical creatures such as Elves, Dwarves, Halflings and Orcs for thousands of year, Human settlers have slowly become the domineering force of the continent in the last thousand years. A major was hasn't broken out on the continent since the Conquest of Thaelia, yet the kingdoms of men frequently battle for resources, territory and pride.

The most recent kingdom to suffer loss of territory is the kingdom of Othiria, who's now deceased king Bathair MacPhaiden attacked the neighbouring kingdom of Arden without a casus belli. While victorious at first, the tides of war were reversed, ending in his death, the death of the King of Thasslia, and Bathair's brother Sephan MacPhaiden reluctantly seizing power.

Owlchester is the richest and most populous city of the continent, and acts as the capital of the republic of Orlene. The republic of Rivandol is the biggest country by size and population, and provides stability to the continent. The youngest country is the kingdom of Dulken, which merged with the kingdom of Dovaria in 1015 AC.

Their exists two last countries related to the original inhabitants of the continent. The elven lands of Frynia, which following the Frynian Closing closed off their country to outsiders, and the dwarven Ekthunli Dynasty.

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