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Asolo is a costal village in the province of Udrino, in the empire of Torchio. Being on the edge of the empire, and part of a more recent acquisition, the empire's presence isn't as strong here, with policing left more to the local guards.


The town is controlled by Count Vitelli who inherited the town from his uncle who died heirless. The people mostly agree that Count Vitelli is doing his best, but his methods aren't always the most effective or efficient.


The town has several inns and taverns, most famous the Pesce e Pesce. The local church is devoted to Pelor. The count and his family lives in the small Vitelli manor outside of the city. The port is usually the busiest place, as most of the town's economy runs on fishing and sending it off on carts to the rest of the province.

Recent events

  • The previous guard leader Cesario died in a drunken fight. He was replaced by Rebecca Coppi.
  • A storm hit the town recently, with the port still damaged and not yet fully repaired.
  • Previously a wanted criminal, Maria La Marchini is back in town trying to make a living.

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