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Summary: Ratyn is the only one with a braincell lately

Sett lands a hard blow right to the Nastus Derivern’ jaw. He throws the pouch onto the table and backed off with his tail between his legs. With nothing else to be done here we left to go find the others.

((The others went to the Bells to ask about a dragon who everyone who searched for it forgot about it. They met with Ludwig Grene who brought them into a galaxyscape mind palace thing. He didn’t seem to very helpful to them, and annoyed Christopher with his outright uselessness.

He asked ‘hey you’re not from around here, are you?’ then asked about calendars or something. My brain))

We met back up and went to the tea house. Told them what we learned about Nastus. We’re splitting up. Christopher, myself, and Sett are going to ask Martha about Vékell. Oris Honeyflower and Aggma are going to see Nastus to get one of those amber gems out of him. They students are out by Fredstone.

Half-hour trek out to them. They’re growing trees and bushes at extreme speeds with magic. Vekell is an amber dragon. The people whose memories were wiped had some form of modify memory cast on them. She glimpsed a temple and a wyrmling encased in amber. The man screamed himself to death when his memories were peered through and brought back even for a moment.

Ludwig apparently has necklaces that could help protect us from the mind-altering effects. Christopher seems particularly irritated today. Not sure why. I didn’t do anything. I asked about the moon from the reflection thing. Martha Thinstrung seemed very confused by it, mentioned transmutation magic as the effect for it. Means nothing to me, honestly, probably just a load of shite then.

Ah nope her song changed. The Cobbler paid for his son to go to the bells with a silver spoon every year, according to him gotten from the lake reflection. So there might be some truth to it. While we were talking a child got themselves tangled in a vine so I shot them down with a single arrow. I expected to miss so I was very excited when that one arrow worked.

((the others went to see Nastus. Aggma healed him to try and get a discount. He told a fortune to Aggma, saying she’ll be insanely rich in the future. More immediately says that she’ll be in possession of something amber in colour. He dropped a Larysine onto the table – careful not to touch it – and told them not to let it get in contact with skin or it becomes a bad luck item rather than a good luck item.

Oris offered to help him out with some kinda task to offset the cost. He said he’d give it to them for 40gp if we told the duke his daughter says hi. He then said ‘you can tell him his daughter is in good hand with one of your siblings’ to Oris.

Aggma and Oris decided thinking is for chumps, so Oris is touching the Lyrasine despite being told not just by Ratyn but even the dude selling it to him not to touch it.

Break time))


((Oris watches the world speed by at incredible speeds, the changing of the seasons et al. Basically a big drug trip but by magic. When Aggma pulled it away she felt something trying to keep her from doing so. She managed. Oris seemed to have aged a year. He saw a symbol during the whole thing. )) 

Met up with Aggma. Oris notably absent. Told us they got the Lyrasin and that Nastus was pawning them off as a good luck charm but as long as you don’t touch them. Aggma did say Oris was sick and when I asked if they touched it she didn’t answer, Christopher asked how Oris got sick. The silence spoke volumes. I went home to not rip Aggma’s horns off in my frustration. I made it abundantly clear not to touch it given what happened to the past two people we saw who had.

Went to the local tattooist to ask after the repair of my tattoos. I’ll need the power they contain to keep these idiots alive. He said he got a letter back and could work on fixing them tomorrow.

((Sett, Aggma, and Christopher went to a fantasy-club. Met up with Nida Velponda. They learned that Itchyfeet dropped a hint to his location, but still nobody is confident that could beat him in a fight. They discussed beating up Nastus. Christopher ended up drunk and every split up to go to bed for the night. As Christopher gets home he knocks over a box. As he packs it back up he sees a map with a part marked 'Amber Wyrmling? Can't trust those idiots. I'll go alone'. He put it somewhere he would remember it and went to bed.)) 

Created by Ornstein 4 months ago. Last modified by Ornstein 4 months ago

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