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Recently modified Characters

  • Alabaster 1 day ago

    Alabaster is a manticore and advisor to Queen Ilara Ashryn. While in Mithrendain, he takes on the appearance of an young Eladrin male.

  • Auron al Sha'hiri 2 weeks ago

    I grew up in the city of Arcastle in the Orphanage that my parents own. Grewing up, I was often in the castle and became friends with the princess Hildegard von Rosenberg. My father doesn't talk much about his past, but wants me to become nobler than...

  • Zook Harald 2 weeks ago

    Zook Harald is a male gnome that was born in the Kingdom of Styrnia. He studied in the capital city of Griesstein before moving to Arden in 1018 AC to study in the Wilhelm Library under the patronage of Aaron Bahr. Features & Traits School: Divin...

  • Odarin 4 weeks ago

    Odarin is a human druid who was corrupted by the Feywild. He creates dryads in the Feywild that sacrifice blood for him to grow in power. Inspired by Belak the Outcast.

  • Tormaa 4 weeks ago

    Tormaa the Unready is a lesser Goddess or war, strength, forging and courage. She was recently imprisoned in her own plain, but Auron saved her and became her Champion. She has tasked him with spreading her strength on the mortal world. Her symbol is...

Recently modified Families

  • Blumenthal 3 months ago

    House Blumenthal of Sollas is a vassal house that holds fealty to House Rosenberg of Arcastle. Their lands are northwest of Arcastle, located by the Inner Blue Sea. Their stronghold is a castle called Sollas.

  • Frey 3 months ago

    House Frey is a vassal house to House Rosenberg in the Kingdom of Arden. King Maximus of House Rosenberg gave House Frey the title Lord of Freiwald in honour their continued support and help to the kingdom of Arden.

  • Riddle 3 months ago

    House Riddle is a Great House of Thaelia and part of the Rivandol Nobility or the Republic of Rivandol. Members Jorden Riddle, human male, 73, current chancellor of Rivandol.

  • Harrison 3 months ago

    The Harrison family is a noble family of Rivandol, part of the Rivandol Nobility. They control the city of Hillstead.

  • Yarwood 3 months ago

    House Yarwood of Dulken is a Great House of Thaelia, ruling over the Kingdom of Dulken from their seat in Midmar. The head of the house is the Lady of Midmar.

Recently modified Locations

  • Woods of a Thousand Wars 1 week ago

    Located in the Feywild, the Woods of a Thousand Wars are located in the late-afternoon part of the feywild. They are a huge forest where wars between the day and night creatures occur. No recent wars (20-50 years)

  • Mithrendain 1 week ago

    Mithrendain, the Autumn City is an Eladrin tree-top city in the Feywild. Once a great fortress of Cendriane, Mithrendain has grown into a beautiful Eladrin forest-city whose buildings have grown naturally around the trees. Majority of the residences...

  • Alos-tul 4 weeks ago

    The village of Alos-tul is located on the Soltan Plains in the feywild by Chester's Bog.

  • Soltan Plains 4 weeks ago

    The Soltan Plains are located in the feywild, where it is always day.

  • Lavender and Scyth 1 month ago

    Lavender and Scyth is an occult shop selling various herbs and books for healing and rituals.

Recently modified Organisations

  • Snake Fire 1 month ago

    Snake Fire is a thieve's guild with members and operations in Arden and Othiria. Known For Primary business involves: Smuggling drugs: hallucinogenic mushrooms Colour: Maroon Symbol: Snake & Star Leader: A member of a prominent family Members are...

  • Rose's Watch 1 month ago

    The Rose's Watch is a group of retired combatants from the Arden army that protect small villages from evil threats. They put up the disguise of old men/women, but they haven’t forgotten their training and will spring into action if it's required. Mo...

  • Freedom Birds 1 month ago

    The Freedom Birds as followers of the Godess Avalyra. They promote freedom, redemption and pardon. Many followers are freed slaves or creatures that want to start a new life of good doings and helping others.

  • Golden Compass 1 month ago

    The Golden Compass is the name of the Goddess Dessin's followers. It symbolises the path to new riches and prosperity, but also to look in all directions for peace when in conflict. It's members are usually artisans, travellers, performers and sailor...

  • The Founders 1 month ago

    The Founders is the name of the followers of the God Elordan. The symbol is Eldoran's Hammer, used to build civilization, and to enforce laws and justice. Members are usually creatures involved in law, guards, and are generally lawful. They fight aga...

Recently modified Items

  • Wand of Salmon 1 day ago

    The Wand of Salmon can summon 1d6 live salmon once a day. This ability recharges each day at dawn.

  • Shield of Expression 1 day ago

    Armor (shield) +1, uncommon The front of this shield is shaped in the likeness of a face. While bearing this shield, you can use a bonus action to alter the face's expression. The creature yielding this shield also gets advantage on charisma saving t...

  • Akmeno's Belt 1 day ago

    Akmeno's Belt is a belt that can be made invisible, including anything attached to it, but not the person wearing it. It has tiefling inscriptions on it, depicting a city by the sea and two brothers fighting. Levin bought the belt in the black market...

  • Cloak of Many Fashions 1 day ago

    Wondrous item, common While wearing this cloak, you can use a bonus action to change the style, colour, and apparent quality of the garment. The cloak's weight doesn't change. Regardless of its appearance, the cloak can't be anything but a cloak. Alt...

  • Letter by the fountain 3 months ago

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Recently modified Journals

  • 36 - Dinner With A Queen 1 day ago

    Goal Find leads on Harazi and where to find him. Define some minis for each player? Setup Party travelled to Midmar in Dulken. Met with tavern owner Victoria Fraiser, drunkun adventurer Cassandra Finch, local hero and friendly tiefling Dushkan Kona, ...

  • 35 - Trusting New Companions 1 day ago

    Goals Integrate two new party members. Travel to Dulken and start getting information about Harazi. Setup Maxi and Lisa are both working with Dion (but don't know that the other is working for Dion). Dion has asked Zook to gather information about Ha...

  • 04 - Torn Dress 3 months ago

    Setup Find the party after the fight, where Hilde goes and gets Auron to talk to him. Session Goals Hilde wants to see her tailor for a new dress. Auron wants to continue his training Auron wants to protect the princess. Activities A New Dress Hildeg...

  • 05 - Borun Ruins 3 months ago

    Setup Previously, the party was in Arcastle and searched for some clues about the invading army, the disappearance of the temple, and fought off an army of 20-30 orcs attacking the city. During the attack, they were helped by the 1st Cavalry Division...

  • 07 - Thicker Than Blood 3 months ago

    Setup The party continue travel to Batter where they drop off Elena and Linda to the town guards, and warn them to increase security. They don’t encounter any troubles on their way to Rosen, and finally arrive. Everyone consumes 7 rations + 1 extra r...